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AP: US sent Venezuelan youth to Cuba to “provoke unrest”

A program overseen by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) sent almost a dozen youth to Cuba from Costa Rica, Venezuela, and Peru, with the goal of rousing opposition against the Cuban government, an Associated Press (AP) investigation revealed earlier this week.

USAID initiated the program shortly after the inauguration of US President Barack […]


Costa Rica seeks answers on secret US ‘Cuban Twitter,’ ZunZuneo

Without knowing it, Cuban citizens gave up information to USAID contractors. The database separated the information by gender, age, ‘receptiveness’ and ‘political tendencies.’ Within the latter, respondents were categorized as ‘anti-revolution,’ ‘apolitical’ and ‘pro-revolution.’

The United States government’s attempt to create a fictitious social media network to undermine the Communist regime in Cuba continues […]


USAID’s ‘cockamamie’ secret campaign to undermine Cuba via social media

Cuban activists poked fun at ‘Tio Sam’ (Uncle Sam) after learning that the U.S. was behind their social networking tool and planning to use it to instigate a ‘Cuban uprising.’

When is humanitarian aid from the U.S. a cover for espionage? And should the U.S. agency in charge of humanitarian aid ever be a conduit […]