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Benton demands escort service amid lockout

From The Stand:

The Stand reports that Washington State Senator Don Benton, R-Vancouver, who is part of what has been dubbed the “Millionaire Coalition Caucus” of wealthy legislators who control the State Senate, is the subject of an ethics-related probe himself. The State Auditor’s Office is investigating his dual role as a State Senator […]


Faith and community groups rallying for short haul truckers in Seattle

Feb. 6: Michael Ramos, director of social justice ministries for the Church Council of Greater Seattle, says hundreds of short-haul truckers have been off the job for a week, but they still feel their message isn’t getting out there. So, now advocacy groups are now showing solidarity.

“Drivers should be able to go to Olympia […]


‘Longshoremen show the way: Grain, trains and fightback’

The following is excerpted from a news article called “Longview, Wash., Longshoremen show the way: Trains, Grains and Fightback” at Liberation News.

During the course of this depression, it has become even more clear that workers in the United States are under attack. The endless catalog of corporate mergers, layoffs, consolidations and assaults on organized […]


Hundreds gather to show union support

500 people support ILWU's fight for good jobs at EGT at rally in September 2011.

Shouting “We are union! We are community!” at least 500 union members and supporters rallied in Longview’s Civic Center on Thursday evening to support the local longshore union in its labor dispute with the EGT grain terminal at the […]


Here’s why Longshore workers are so angry

A respected Washington labor blog called The Stand has published this excellent article. Below are some excepts; read it in its entirety at The Stand.

LONGVIEW (Sept. 8th) — Violence erupted today in a major labor dispute that has simmered for months at the Port of Longview, leading to work shutdowns at ports up and […]


UA Local 290 members pass resolution supporting ILWU Local 21 at Port of Longview and EGT

UA Local 290 members showed support for ILWU Local 21's juridsiction.

On August 19, the members of UA Local 290 passed a resolution called “Resolution condemning Operating Engineers Local 701 for scabbing at the Port of Longview” in support of ILWU Local 21’s jurisdiction, specifically with regard to the EGT grain terminal. EGT recently […]


Both sides settle in for long legal battle over grain terminal labor dispute

A lengthy article in the Daily News in Longview outlines ILWU Local 21’s fight to protect their jurisdiction at the Port of Longview. Excerpts below, or read the original article at this link.

Tensions have cooled outside the EGT terminal gates this month, but union dock workers are maintaining a 24-hour picket.

The peace has […]


Washington labor body supports ILWU, says EGT should honor agreement

ILWU Local 21 longshore workers continue to gain strong support for their fight to to make EGT honor its commitment to hire ILWU workers at the Port of Longview. On Saturday, August 6, the Washington State Labor Council passed the following resolution with a unanimous vote:

Whereas, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union has […]


Washington’s (Democratic) Governor signs bill to decertify ferry captains’ union

Chris Gregoire signed a bill that will sever all ferry captains from their union, the Masters, Mates & Pilots, effective July 1, 2013, and requires a new election for union representation.

Despite receiving veto requests from union leaders and rank-and-file members across the state, Gov. Chris Gregoire on Tuesday signed legislation into law that […]


ILWU Opposes Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement

Despite potential increases in cargo movement benefiting dockworkers, union opposes proposed Korea-United States trade agreement because it continues failed trade policy and is harmful to workers, consumers, and the environment in both South Korea and the United States

December 13, 2010

VIA FACSIMILE: 202-225-4188 (and First Class Mail)

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi United States House […]