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Port of SF may need to subsidize historic Pier 70 repair to seek new operators

From The San Francisco Examiner:

The Port of San Francisco may use its own funding to revitalize the aging shipyard in order to entice potential operators, Port Executive Director Elaine Forbes told the San Francisco Examiner on Thursday.

Last year, two former operators of the shipyard, Puglia Engineering, Inc. and BAE Systems, ceased operating the […]


Tidewater getting new tugboats

From the Columbian:

A keel-laying ceremony Friday afternoon at Vigor Industrial on Portland’s Swan Island marked the start of construction for the first of three new tugboats being built for Tidewater Barge Lines of Vancouver. The tugs will be the first newly built vessels for the company in nearly 30 years.

Marc Schwartz, Tidewater’s maintenance […]


Coal export company promises $400M in economic impact

Plans for a coal export facility would use barges to bring coal up the Columbia River and promise $400 million in economic impact.

[The Ambre project] would bring another $300 million in economic activity once it begins operating at full capacity, delivering 8.8 million tons of coal per year from the Powder River Basin in […]


Vigor Industrial buying Todd Shipyards for $130M

Todd Shipyards Corp. said it’s being purchased by Vigor Industrial LLC of Portland, Ore., for $130 million. The 94-year-old Seattle shipyard (NYSE: TOD) operates Todd Pacific Shipyards Corp., the largest private shipyard in the Pacific Northwest. It employs approximately 800 people.

Vigor operates Vigor Marine LLC and Cascade General at the Portland Shipyard in Portland; […]