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Bernie Sanders, Danny Glover: Union workers have it better

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders stood with thousands at a pro-union rally near Nissan Motor Co.’s plant in Canton, Mississippi, congratulating workers for their courage “in standing up for justice.”

“It’s our job to tell corporate America that they cannot have it all,” Sanders told the crowd. “Start treating the working people of this country with […]


UAW president to meet with top U.S. trade official

The UAW and Detroit’s Big Three automakers are worried that dropping tariffs on Japanese imports would give Japanese rivals a significant leg up and could lead to the loss of thousands of U.S. auto jobs. Graphic on historic job numbers from the Financial Times.

United Auto Workers President Bob King will meet with the top […]


Teamsters, UAW, ILA, Unite Join Together for Solidarity Day at BMW

On July 21, thousands of BMW employees in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the United Kingdom stood together in solidarity to protest BMW’s plans to outsource good, middle-class jobs at its parts distribution center in Ontario, Calif.

BMW has announced it plans to fire nearly 100 Ontario employees at the end of August and immediately […]