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Ag tells White House to approve TPP without Japan

Japan has repeatedly said it will not eliminate tariffs on agricultural goods it considers “sacred” – dairy, rice, sugar, beef, pork, wheat and barley. The U.S. groups said Japan is demanding special treatment.

Frustrated with Japan’s unwillingness to strike a deal on U.S. ag imports under the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), several U.S. ag groups […]


Agricultur​e groups could oppose TPP on Japan tariff demands

”Japan – a rich, developed country – is demanding special treatment for its agricultural sector. We consider an agreement that includes such special treatment for Japan to be unacceptable,” wrote the American Farm Bureau Federation and 16 other organizations.

A coalition of the major agricultural organizations said they’re likely to oppose a final TPP trade […]


Northwest wheat sales waver on uncertainty as last-ditch longshore talks recess

Egyptian grain buyers, squeezed by droughts in Russia and Australia, bought 165,000 tons of wheat this month from a far-flung source, the Pacific Northwest.

The sellers included Cargill Inc. and Louis Dreyfus Commodities, two of the multinational goliaths involved in contract talks with longshore union leaders as a potential lockout looms at grain terminals in […]