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Agricultur​e groups could oppose TPP on Japan tariff demands

”Japan – a rich, developed country – is demanding special treatment for its agricultural sector. We consider an agreement that includes such special treatment for Japan to be unacceptable,” wrote the American Farm Bureau Federation and 16 other organizations.

A coalition of the major agricultural organizations said they’re likely to oppose a final TPP trade […]


Changing Corn Export Patterns: Ten Year Outlook

A recent U.S. Grains Council Chart of the Week shows the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) projections for changes in corn export patterns over the coming ten years based on the recently released USDA Agricultural Long-Term Projections to 2022. The United States, former Soviet Union, Argentina, and South Africa are expected to increase export […]


China Expected to Import Corn Despite Record Crop

China will need to import 2 million tons of U.S. corn by next year even though the country expects a record harvest this year, said the U.S. Grains Council.

U.S. agriculture had the led the country’s exporting charge, with American farmers on target to send $135.5 billion of their products abroad this year. That’s 17 […]


Quake Damage Could Affect US-Japan Grain Trade

A ship washed ashore in Kamaishi City, which has a major grain operation at its port.

The U.S. Grains Council said the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan Friday “may have caused significant damage to many of Japan’s agricultural facilities and production areas,” and “will likely impact grain trade.”

Although the group did […]


U.S. Fires Salvo Over China Feed Probe

The U.S. farm lobby fired its first riposte to China’s antidumping investigation into U.S. exports of distiller’s dried grains, calling the probe “surprising” and saying it’s China’s “unusual market and supply volatility over the last two years (that) has resulted in new global trade flows… and unprecedented demand.”

The statement on New Year’s Eve from […]