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Union Pacific faces additional inspections after oil train derailment

June 3, 2016 oil train derailment on the Columbia River at Mosier, Oregon. Paloma Ayala photo

From an article titled ‘Mosier mayor says Union Pacific agreement a step in the right direction after oil train derailment’ at KATU News:

The investigation into June’s fiery Union Pacific oil train derailment at Mosier, Oregon found […]


Obama spends $600 million on rail projects that benefit private companies

The numbers above don’t include tens of millions more that states have contributed for additional investment in ports and high-speed passenger trains that’s boosted the nation’s freight railroads. McClatchy graphic.

The railroad industry brags in its national publicity campaign that it spends billions of dollars improving its infrastructure “so taxpayers don’t have to.”

But […]


$20 million in new US rail relocation grants

The US Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is providing $19.4 million in new grants for improving rail infrastructure, with much of the cash to be spent on freight projects.

The grants are going to several US cities and states to replace, relocate and improve segments of primarily freight track, through the Rail Line Relocation and Improvement […]