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The fight for union autonomy and workers’ rights in Latin America

Coast Longshore Division supports dockworkers and their unions

Published in the Coast Longshore Division Newsletter, Winter 2010 issue.

In the past year, the Coast Committee has become increasingly involved in regional solidarity through direct support of dockworkers in Latin America. Latin American dockworkers are seeing the social contracts that they have with their governments systematically […]


Gobierno quiere imponer privatización de puertos, denuncia SINTRAJAP

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: The Costa Rican dockworkers union, SINTRAJAP, says that the government continues its push to privatize the ports in the Limón province at any cost, and without meeting with the union to hear its plan to modernize the ports with the good of the community in mind. Under the Oscar Arias and Laura Chinchilla […]


International labor union applauds court decision to restore longshore leaders

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Coast Longshore Division had condemned the Costa Rican government for disrupting democratic processes relating to leadership of Sintrajap.

The ILWU’s charges were made in regard to a process earlier this year whereby Sintrajap’s leadership was replaced by a vote of the union’s assembly. The union’s new leadership accepted […]


MUA: Costa Rican court rules against anti union coup

In late August, several months after being ousted in a government coup, the legitimately elected SINTRAJAP longshore union leaders in Costa Rica were reinstated by Costa Rica’s high court. The Maritime Union of Australia published the news:

Paddy Crumlin, ITF president, chair of the ITF dockers section and MUA national secretary wrote to […]


Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court Restores Limón Port Union Leaders

The ILWU Coast Longshore Division published ads in Costa Rican newspapers supporting the democratically elected union leaders.

The ouster of democratically elected leaders of the SINTRAJAP union prompted the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s (ILWU’s) Coast Longshore Division to charge Costa Rica with “serious and repeated failures by the government of Costa Rica to […]


Rodrigo Arias, en silencio sobre freno a concesión de muelles

[English summary: Former Costa Rican president Oscar Arias’ brother, Rodrigo, who has placed ambitious political hopes on his role in the privatization of the ports of Limón and Moín, remains silent after Wednesday’s high court decision that restores the legitimate union leaders to their posts. A sham election, closely tied to the Arias brothers, was […]


Costa Rican Court Rejects Illegal Coup of Longshore Union

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ILWU President calls high court’s order ‘an important step forward in the never-ending battle to protect workers’ rights

Ronaldo Blear, General Secretary of SINTRAJAP

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 26, 2010) — Costa Rican longshore workers are celebrating yesterday’s ruling in their country’s Constitutional Court […]