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Blear revalida su dominio en Sintrajap por dos años más

[NOTE: Ronaldo Blear has been reelected as Secretary General of dockworkers union SINTRAJAP in Costa Rica for his sixth 2-year term. He represents more than 1,000 union dockworkers and ‘will continue defending their union agreement and organization from privatization interests.’ For more information on the battle for SINTRAJAP jobs in the face of a massive […]


Costa Rica’s Labor Ministry suspends talks with unions over port project after president’s picture burned

Costa Rica’s Labor Minister Victor Morales announced that negotiations with the dockworkers union SINTRAJAP would be suspended until its leaders issued a public statement denouncing the burning of President Luis Guillermo Solís’ image outside union headquarters in the Caribbean port of Limón on Monday. Negotiations were originally scheduled to continue at the Labor Ministry on […]


APM Terminals concession in Costa Rica leads to protests, police brutality, militarization of docks

Costa Rican police invade the ports; SINTRAJAP union General Secretary Ronaldo Blear Blear speaks on the right.

This 10-minute Costa Rican news segment shows dozens of police officers descending on SINTRAJAP union dockworkers and their community supporters who are protesting APM Terminals’ concession — a concession that gives the terminal operator a monopoly that […]


Dockworkers strike over APMT terminal agreement in Costa Rica

Dockworkers in Costa Rica walked off the job Wednesday, continuing a long battle over a proposed container terminal operated by APM Terminals with a strike.

Union leaders described the strike as “indefinite.” The union, which represents workers working at terminal overseen by the Atlantic Port Authority (JAPDEVA), had threatened a strike for several days after […]


Costa Rica’s port workers to strike

Costa Rican port workers in Moín and Limón have announced they will go on strike in the coming days to protest against the privatization of dock operations, website Nacion.com reported.

“They want to rent equipment for Moín while operating on the terminal of APM Terminals, and then they will take the equipment and leave the […]


Costa Rica: Gobierno impulsa plan de recorte en Japdeva

Baja de tono a concesión y aboga por reducir en 50% el gasto en salarios; Busca pasar de 1.400 empleados a un máximo de 800.

In May 1010, as part of an ongoing campaign to destroy the dockworkers union, Costa Rican police broke into the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union office.

[ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Costa Rica’s most […]


Union leader Ronaldo Blear: ‘We feel ambushed’

Ronaldo Blear was overwhelmingly reelected as Secretary General of the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union after the Costa Rican government helped install a sham leadership last year.

[NOTE: The following excerpt is from an interview between Costa Rica’s Tico Times and Ronaldo Blear, the recently reelected leader of the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union. The ILWU Coast […]


Gobierno elude diálogo con SINTRAJAP para imponer privatización

[ENGLISH TRANSLATION: This news release from Costa Rica’s dockworkers union says that national president Laura Chinchilla’s administration and the JAPDEVA port administrators continue to impose privatization of the docks without consulting with union leaders. The dockworkers recently reelected the Ronaldo Blear union administration in a landslide election that was widely regarded as a rejection of […]


Japdeva alista propuesta de modernización portuaria

The recently reelected board of SINTRAJAP wants to ensure that modernization of the Caribbean ports of Limón and Moín protect workers and the community from exploitation.

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: Japdeva, the agency that administers the Caribbean ports of Limón and Moín, Costa Rica, is preparing a modernization proposal to discuss with the […]


Costa Rica ‘Will Modernize’ Limón Docks With or Without Union Support

The Costa Rican government said on Saturday that it will continue with its plans to modernize the Limón docks, with or without the support of the JAPDEVA union [SINTRAJAP].

The election of Ronaldo Blear as leader of the JAPDEVA union is a signal from the union members not to privatize the docks, seeing the government’s […]


Blear se ratifica en sindicato de Japdeva

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: For the past year, the ILWU Coast Longshore Division has assisted the democratically elected leaders of the Costa Rican dockworkers union SINTRAJAP, led by Ronaldo Blear, in fending off attacks from the Costa Rican government and global terminal operators. Today the membership of SINTRAJAP overwhelmingly re-elected Blear in an internationally monitored union election. […]


MUA: Costa Rican court rules against anti union coup

In late August, several months after being ousted in a government coup, the legitimately elected SINTRAJAP longshore union leaders in Costa Rica were reinstated by Costa Rica’s high court. The Maritime Union of Australia published the news:

Paddy Crumlin, ITF president, chair of the ITF dockers section and MUA national secretary wrote to […]


Apoyo legislativo a Sintrajap en Costa Rica

[English summary: Costa Rican union leaders join elected members of parliament to denounce the crooked way in which the government helped overthrow elected longshore union leaders in January in order to force privatization of the ports of Limón and Moín. Last week the rightfully elected leaders were reinstated by Costa Rica’s high court, […]


Costa Rican Court Rejects Illegal Coup of Longshore Union

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 26, 2010 CONTACT: Jennifer Sargent, 503-703-2933

ILWU President calls high court’s order ‘an important step forward in the never-ending battle to protect workers’ rights

Ronaldo Blear, General Secretary of SINTRAJAP

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 26, 2010) — Costa Rican longshore workers are celebrating yesterday’s ruling in their country’s Constitutional Court […]