The articles excerpted on this site report on the state of the industry as seen by mainstream media, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the officers of the ILWU Coast Longshore Division.

Unions offer balance to conservatives, progressives

Excerpts from an opinion piece from columnist Bill Knight:

Conservatives occasionally concede that organized labor has been a reason for rising standards of living and making the middle class, and The Atlantic magazine shows that unions provide common ground for progressives and conservatives alike.

Historically, conservative pundits and politicians have praised unions. Columnist George Will […]


Coups, Massacres And Contras: The Legacy Of Washington’s New Point Man In Latin America

Excerpts from Mintpress News:

Mark Feierstein, former associate administrator for USAID and Washington’s new point man on Latin America, testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. Feierstein’s legacy of covert regime change has many Latin American leaders questioning Washington’s intents.

A quick review of Mark Feierstein’s track record in Latin America reveals that the new senior […]


Father Jeremy Lucas delivers meals to ILWU picket line, says 'neutrality is still an immoral act'

Father Jeremy Lucas of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross in Battle Ground, WA, spoke in favor of workers rights at a March 8, 2013, rally in Vancouver, where ILWU Local 4 longshoremen have been locked out of their jobs at United Grain by its profitable Japan-based owner Mitsui. Father Jeremy spoke at […]


USAID Grants $3 Million to Solidarity Center’s Bogotá Office – Unionists Want to Know Why

From the Alliance for Global Justice:

The Solidarity Center has some good and helpful programs and some that are at least more or less benign. But these good programs can act to hide a more fundamental purpose to infiltrate and influence the labor movements of other countries and to provide a channel of interference in […]