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APM Terminals to break ground on new $1 billion deep-water port in Costa Rica

Initial construction is set to begin on Costa Rica’s largest infrastructure project, the $1 billion Moín container terminal, after years of delays.

The first of the project’s three phases is set for completion in three years and involves the construction of an artificial island west of the existing port of Moín. The new container terminal […]


Blear revalida su dominio en Sintrajap por dos años más

[NOTE: Ronaldo Blear has been reelected as Secretary General of dockworkers union SINTRAJAP in Costa Rica for his sixth 2-year term. He represents more than 1,000 union dockworkers and ‘will continue defending their union agreement and organization from privatization interests.’ For more information on the battle for SINTRAJAP jobs in the face of a massive […]


First victory in Costa Rica port strike battle

Costa Rica’s SINTRAJAP dockers’ union has won a commitment from the country’s government to re-examine the future of the vital ports of Limon and Moin, along with a promise to cease police violence against strikers. In response the union has agreed to put its 15 day strike – which has been supported by trade unions […]


ITF condemns Costa Rican government, ‘will fight’ port violence

Police brutality during community protest against APM Terminals in Limon, Costa Rica, October 2014.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation has strongly condemned the actions of the Costa Rican government after hundreds of police officers stormed Puerto Limon’s Moin and Limon terminals last Thursday 23rd October, violently attacking workers and arresting 68 men and women […]


Dockworkers strike over APMT terminal agreement in Costa Rica

Dockworkers in Costa Rica walked off the job Wednesday, continuing a long battle over a proposed container terminal operated by APM Terminals with a strike.

Union leaders described the strike as “indefinite.” The union, which represents workers working at terminal overseen by the Atlantic Port Authority (JAPDEVA), had threatened a strike for several days after […]


Strikes could cripple Costa Rica’s Atlantic ports this week

[Note: SINTRAJAP union leaders have informed us that their peaceful protest today has completely shut down the Ports of Limon and Moin.]

The Union of Allied Port Workers (Sintrajap) is calling for a general strike this week that could cripple the country’s Atlantic ports, spurred on with support from the union that represents workers of […]


A tense meeting as Moín Port expansion opponents confront APM Terminal reps

When APM Terminals representatives talked about jobs, attendees began drowning them out with noise. The Costa Rican government has continually undermined the dockworkers union SINTRAJAP in the controversial port concession. Photo by Carlos Brenes Vargas.

COSTA RICA: Some 600 people attended a public hearing on Saturday at the Eddy Bermúdez Gymnasium in the Caribbean port […]


APM Terminals Gets Green Light on Costa Rica Project

A.P. Moller-Maersk terminal operating unit wins court battle over $1 billion Moin Container Terminal

APM Terminals said construction of a container terminal in Costa Rica will start on schedule in 2013 after a court rejected a bid by unions to block the $1 billion project.

The Atlantic Port Authority union, representing dockworkers, and the National […]


APM Terminals Gets Green Light on Moin Project

In the course of events leading to the APM Terminals concession at Moin, the Costa Rican government raided the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union hall in Limon, Costa Rica. APM Terminals says they are ‘very pleased with the pace and dedication with which the Costa Rican government has focused on advancing this project.’

Costa Rica gave […]


Maersk Line reintroduces CRX service between Latin America and Europe

Puerto Moin, Costa Rica, is the site of a labor dispute in which the SINTRAJAP union has fought to protect the community from privatization of its port facilities.

Maersk Line has announced the January 2012 re-introduction of its CRX service, the weekly liner service connecting Mexico and Costa Rica directly with UK, Netherlands and Germany.



APMT Moin powers ahead with CH2MHill

APM Terminals’ Capt Paul Gallie flatly dismissed rumours that the group’s Costa Rican venture has stalled to delegates at TOC Americas taking place in Panama this week.

The Costa Rica managing director said: “Some people think that Moin is not going ahead, but the rumours are not true. Today, we signed with [American engineering, construction, […]


MOPT logra acuerdos con sindicato para aminorar crisis en Japdeva

Union dockworkers had advocated that the government improve the public docks at Moín (shown here) and Limón rather than privatize them to multinationals. APM recently was granted the right to build a private terminal adjacent to the public dock in Moín.

[English summary: Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) recently reached an […]


Navy Hydrographers Conduct Surveys in Costa Rica

[Editor’s note: The ports of Limon and Moin, Costa Rica, are sites where SINTRAJAP union dockworkers have been fighting for their collective bargaining rights under the pressures of privatization by the Costa Rican government and APM Terminals.]

An eight-member U.S. Navy Fleet Survey Team (FST) began survey operations in Puerto Limon and Puerto Moin, Costa […]


Costa Rica: APM Terminals demands that gov’t sign agreement

APM Terminals has called on the Costa Rican government to sign a contract that allows the Dutch company to build a new container port in Moín, web site Nacion.com reported.

Under the privatization agreement the government still has until Aug. 26 to sign the final concession, the story reported.

Deputy Wálter Céspedes accused the companyof […]


Costa Rica’s port workers to strike

Costa Rican port workers in Moín and Limón have announced they will go on strike in the coming days to protest against the privatization of dock operations, website Nacion.com reported.

“They want to rent equipment for Moín while operating on the terminal of APM Terminals, and then they will take the equipment and leave the […]