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ITF docker unions pledge support for Peruvian colleagues

Dockworkers seek union recognition, collective bargaining for safer workplaces and an end to discrimination at Callao, the largest port in Peru.

ITF dockers’ section representatives meeting in Perth, Australia, have backed the ITF-affiilated Peruvian SUTRAMPORPC union as it prepares to begin an indefinite strike at APM Terminals’ North Pier terminal in Callao, Peru tomorrow.



Continúan polémicas en torno a concesión del Muelle Norte de Callao

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: Shipping agents at Callao, Peru, are the latest in a line of parties expressing dissatisfaction over the concession of Muelle Norte the north dock, to APM Terminals. Officials say that just 10 days after APM took over operations, the docks are chaotic, slow, seeing ships leave before being fully discharged, and increased costs. […]


APMT’s Callao North concession under scrutiny

Port of Callao, Peru

No sooner than it starts up operations, APM Terminals faces the challenge of a new government in Callao

The incoming Peruvian government has warned that the existing contract with APM Terminals at its new Callao North Terminal could be renegotiated if it deems that any clauses are not in the […]


Callao terminal officially signed over to APM Terminals

The concession contract finalized on May 12th called for APM Terminals to assume operational control of the terminal within 60 days of signing the concession agreement. On May 1st the Government of Peru had named APM Terminals Callao the winner of the bidding process. The terms of the concession include the investment of $749 million […]


El Callao debe seguir siendo puerto estatal

Peruvian Congressman and dockworker Luis Negreiros, center, last summer met with the ILWU Coast Longshore Division to discuss problems in Callao. Also pictured are Coast Committeemen Leal Sundet and Ray Ortiz, Jr.

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: In the following interview, Peruvian Congressman and union dockworker Luis Negreiros says the recent concession of Terminal Norte in […]


APM to begin operating Muelle Norte by July 1

Consortium APM Terminals Callao is due to begin operating the Muelle Norte terminal at Peru’s Callao port by July 1.

National port authority APN has until July 11 at the latest to transfer operations from national port company Enapu to the consortium, state news agency Andina reported.

APM is confident they will complete investments in […]


Peru’s opposition candidate for president is gaining in polls, opposes concession of dock

A U.S. State Department cable released on Wikileaks revealed that U.S. diplomats have been conducting a thinly-veiled campaign against Peruvian presidential candidate Ollanta Humala, pictured here, in favor of his neo-liberal rival. Click on the image to read the Wikileaks article.

An article titled “Maersk Wins Contract For $1.1 Billion Pier at Top Peru […]


Strike ‘paralyzes’ Peruvian port

Dockworkers ‘paralyzed’ the Peruvian port of Puerto Callao Wednesday in a strike over the lack of labor rights in a concession contract, according to Peru’s Association of Exporters (ADEX).

The Callao Maritime and Port Workers Union (SUTRAMPORPC) engaged in the 24-hour strike to protest the contract as it did not grant labor rights to employees […]


Peru’s exports totaled US$2.85 billion in January

Callao, Peru

Peru’s exports totaled US$ 2.85 billion in January 2011, a 17 percent jump compared to the same month a year earlier. Non traditional exports soared 38.3 percent in the first month of the year, while traditional exports increased 11.6 percent.

China and United States were the main destinations markets for Peruvian exports, holding […]


Assault on Peru port unionist

SUTRAMPORPC General Secretary Wilmer Esteves Morales

A vicious assault against a dockers’ unionist in Peru has been perpetrated less than two weeks after an employer promise ended 20 days of strike action in a Peruvian port.

The attack against Wilmer Esteves Morales , general secretary of the Sindicato Único de Trabajadores Marítimos y Portuarios […]


Peru ministry, US embassy team up

Callao dockworkers have been fighting to regain their collective bargaining rights.

[NOTE: Peru is one of several Latin American countries in which dockworkers are fighting abuse by global terminal operators and their own governments. The ILWU Coast Longshore Division recently supported Callao dockworkers during their 3-week strike to regain their collective bargaining rights.]

Peruvian […]


The fight for union autonomy and workers’ rights in Latin America

Coast Longshore Division supports dockworkers and their unions

Published in the Coast Longshore Division Newsletter, Winter 2010 issue.

In the past year, the Coast Committee has become increasingly involved in regional solidarity through direct support of dockworkers in Latin America. Latin American dockworkers are seeing the social contracts that they have with their governments systematically […]


Controversy hits Callao concession

Peruvian dockworkers, including Luis Negreiros (center) have told the ILWU Coast Longshore Division that DP World hires nonunion dockworkers at the terminal it operates in Callao. Also pictured: Coast Committeemen Leal Sundet and Ray Ortiz, Jr.

Despite an initial judgement to allow DP World to bid for Callao’s Muelle Norte terminal, the claim that […]


‘It’ll take at least a week to clear the backlog’ after military took over Peru docks during strike

The Peruvian government replaced union longshore workers with military personnel during a 3-week strike, declaring the port “100% operational.” Results say otherwise, as Bloomberg reports in a news article called “Peruvian Port Workers End 21-Day Strike at Callao:”

Peruvian port workers today signed a labor accord to end a 21-day strike that had blocked transportation […]


Military not ‘suitable replacements’ for longshore workers during strike

In an article called “Mineral shipments resume as Peru port strike ends,” Reuters reported:

Minerals shipments at Peru’s main port were normal on Wednesday after workers ended a strike for better benefits at the government-operated Port of Callao, union leader Leopoldo Ortiz said.

Stevedores and port operators reached an agreement on Tuesday evening, the Minister […]