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Port of West Sacramento and SSA Pacific to Enter into New Lease Agreement of Port Terminal

The Sacramento-Yolo Port Commission has approved a new master lease of its West Sacramento maritime facilities with SSA Pacific, Inc. (SSA). The new lease, which takes effect July 1, 2013, replaces an existing Terminal Operations Management Agreement with SSA.

The new agreement provides guaranteed rent payments to the Port of West Sacramento and shifts all […]


The Stockton-Oakland marine highway that is becoming less likely

From the Maritime Professional blog:

Unexpected problems bedevil the Stockton barge project

Proposed marine highway, Port of Stockton image.

Proposed as a commendable alternative to the 1600 trucks each day on the freeway between the bay and Sacramento, [the marine highway] was designed to shuttle two barges between Stockton, Oakland and Sacramento, with loading done […]


Chinese Crew Starving Aboard Ship Docked in U.S. Port

Members of the ITF-affiliated International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 18 sprang into action when they learned that the ship lacked sufficient food provisions and that the crew members were desperately hungry. They raised US$800 to purchase groceries, which they delivered to the crew.

The predominantly Chinese-speaking crew also reported that their pay had […]


ILWU clarifies position regarding third-party protests at ports

A third-party proposal to shut down terminals on December 12 has not been vetted by union’s democratic process

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 22, 2011) — In response to recent third-party announcements that community activists will attempt to shut down various West Coast marine terminals on December 12, 2011, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) […]


Calif bill highlights handsome pay of ship pilots

A San Francisco bay bar pilot boards a ship.

A California lawmaker’s bill to increase the pay of pilots who navigate massive cargo ships through San Francisco Bay’s intricate shipping channels drew attention Tuesday to the handsome incomes earned by these little-known mariners.

A state Senate committee heard debate about a proposal sponsored by […]


US Transportation Secretary, congressman tour West Sacramento port

[NOTE: For more information on marine highways, read “The Case Against Short Sea Shipping” in the Winter 2010 issue of the ILWU Coast Longshore Division Newsletter.]

Click on the image to read more about the attack on union jobs.

The U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood visited the Port of West Sacramento [with] Congressman Mike […]


Port of Stockton awards $10M crane contract

Liebherr Crane

Port commissioners Monday awarded a nearly $10 million contract for two giant harbor cranes capable of handing maritime shipping containers as well as other cargo… They are part of a $30 million marine highway project announced last fall that would move cargo container traffic off area freeways and onto river barges among […]