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Former S.C. police officer pleads guilty in fatal shooting caught on video

From the Washington Post:

The victim, Walter Scott, comes from a Longshoring family in Charleston, S.C., and has several relatives in ILA Local 1422.

The former South Carolina police officer caught on video opening fire at a black man who was running away pleaded guilty Tuesday to a federal civil rights charge, authorities said.

Michael […]


Panama: Thousands of Canal workers strike to demand union rights, clean water

Protesters are also seeking an end to police impunity following a series of cases in which police officers walked away without charge after lethally shooting down construction workers. Photo by TeleSUR

Thousands of workers brought Panama to a standstill on Tuesday as part of a national 24-hour strike to demand “justice for the poor,” […]


Colombian Port Workers in Solidarity Against Police Violence

Buenavantura dockworkers – Black Lives Matter

Featured in Paso International:

A Declaration Supporting the Movement Against Racism from the Port Workers Union, Buenaventura, Colombia.

Black lives matter in Buenaventura!

December 13, 2014

Today we are proud to stand with our brothers and sisters across the United States and around the […]


Use of non-union dockworkers in Costa Rica draws in ITF

A dockworker strike in Limon, Costa Rica, on Oct. 26, 2014, was disrupted by more than 100 Costa Rican law enforcement officials protecting the monopolistic concession to APM Terminals. Photo by Juventud Frente Amplio.

Excerpts from the Journal of Commerce:

The International Transport Workers’ Federation condemned actions taken against striking Costa Rican dockworkers Tuesday, […]


APM Terminals concession in Costa Rica leads to protests, police brutality, militarization of docks

Costa Rican police invade the ports; SINTRAJAP union General Secretary Ronaldo Blear Blear speaks on the right.

This 10-minute Costa Rican news segment shows dozens of police officers descending on SINTRAJAP union dockworkers and their community supporters who are protesting APM Terminals’ concession — a concession that gives the terminal operator a monopoly that […]


ITF condemns Costa Rican government, ‘will fight’ port violence

Police brutality during community protest against APM Terminals in Limon, Costa Rica, October 2014.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation has strongly condemned the actions of the Costa Rican government after hundreds of police officers stormed Puerto Limon’s Moin and Limon terminals last Thursday 23rd October, violently attacking workers and arresting 68 men and women […]


Longshore workers return to work at Oakland terminal after safety issues resolved

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 19, 2014) – Longshore workers were able to safely enter the gate of an Oakland terminal on Tuesday night and work the ZIM vessel PIRAEUS. Unlike previous shifts over the last several days, the number of demonstrators and police at the terminal’s gate was small, and Longshore workers determined that the […]


Volatile atmosphere at Gaza demonstration prevents Longshoremen from entering Port of Oakland terminal

Members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union were unable to report to work Sunday night at SSA Marine’s terminal in Oakland, Calif., due to volatility associated with a large demonstration and significant police presence at the gates of the facility. In 2005, Oakland police fired rubber bullets in similar circumstances, wounding several longshoremen who […]


Panama abandons land-sale plan in duty-free zone

Panamanians protest the sale of public lands, October 2012. Critics of the law say the lease charges should be increased and the money invested in the impoverished Caribbean coast province of Colon. Colon province is home to several Atlantic ports that service ships using the Panama Canal and supply the country’s only oil refinery. […]


Boy dies in violent protests over new Panama land law

Hundreds of people burned tires and threw objects and shot at police, who fired back and used teargas to disperse the crowd. Local authorities instituted a 4 p.m. curfew. Local media reported as many as three dead, 16 injured, and 40 arrested, but police could not confirm that late on Friday.

At least one […]


Miners Charged in Deaths of 34 Killed by Police

On Aug. 16, police said they had failed to persuade the strikers to disarm and that it was ‘D-Day’ to end the strike at the London-registered Lonmin PLC platinum mine. That afternoon, striking miners armed with clubs, machetes and at least one gun allegedly charged at police, who opened fire, killing 34 and wounding […]


30 unions in Central Labor Council agree law enforcement has 'set a dangerous precedent' by targeting longshore workers

Unions unanimously pass resolution; download it at this link.

LONGVIEW, WA — Union delegates representing a broad swath of public and private sector workers in 30 local unions across Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties unanimously passed a resolution denouncing recent arrests and prosecutions of longshore workers and supporters, citing the prosecution’s failure to produce evidence and […]


ILWU civil rights suit to include two additional county officials

Excerpts from the Daily News:

Union officials say that law enforcement officers followed many of their members home to arrest them instead of mailing citations, which is common for misdemeanors.

The union has made massive public records requests of emails from county officials related to the protests. ILWU attorneys cited an email from Rosenzweig dated […]


Cowlitz County refused longshoreman's peaceful surrender, arrested him in front of kids hours later

Jake Whiteside, in black, joined 200 ILWU Local 21 members and supporters to surrender at the Cowlitz County Hall of Justice in Kelso, September 16, 2011. Instead of arresting him peacefully, law enforcement officials ambushed him hours later in a church parking lot. Dawn Des Brisay photo.

Oregon Public Broadcasting yesterday reported that “Longshore […]


Longshore union ramps up civil-rights case

From KOIN Local 6:

The lawsuit alleges police misconduct and violations of free speech rights of ILWU members.

On Wednesday ILWU leaders made a request to federal court to add Cowlitz County Prosecuting Attorney Susan Baur and Chief Criminal Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig as defendants in the union’s ongoing civil rights lawsuit against public and […]