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Panama Canal expansion consortium sign deal to end dispute

A construction industry consortium led by Spain’s Sacyr said in a statement on Friday it had signed a deal late on Thursday to complete work on the multi-billion dollar project to widen the Panama Canal, settling a long-running dispute over cost overruns.

“The consortium last night signed an agreement with the Panama Canal Authority (PCA) [...]


Panama Canal sets one-week deadline for cost row deal

The Panama Canal on Wednesday set a target of no more than a week to reach a deal to jump-start a stalled multibillion-dollar expansion of the waterway amid a cost row, but its administrator said an agreement was falling into place.

Panama Canal Authority (PCA) head Jorge Quijano warned that failure to reach an agreement [...]


North Korea pays hefty fine in Panama over Cuba missile mini-crisis

The North Korean freighter Chong Chon Gang was stopped on July 10 on suspicion of carrying drugs as it tried to enter the Panama Canal. Panamanian authorities’ search uncovered 25 containers of Cuban military hardware, including two Soviet-era MiG-21 aircraft, air defense systems, missiles and command and control vehicles. More than 200,000 sacks of [...]


Panama Canal submits proposal aimed at restarting locks project

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has submitted a new proposal to the consortium working on the inter-oceanic waterway’s third-locks project, which is currently stalled over a financial dispute.

In a brief statement, the ACP said the proposal would enable the resumption of the project, which is the centerpiece of a $5.25 billion canal expansion that [...]


Panama Canal expansion works halted over costs dispute

Work that will double the capacity of the Panama Canal was halted this week. The canal authority has said it would not accept ‘blackmail’.

Work on the ambitious Panama Canal expansion project has stopped after talks broke down on how to settle a dispute over US$1.6 billion in cost over-runs.

“I don’t even want [...]


Talks break down in Panama Canal contract dispute

A planned extension of the Panama Canal was thrown into doubt on Wednesday after a group of companies said its talks with Panama’s government over how to expand the canal had fallen apart.

Group United for the Canal, a consortium led by Spanish builder Sacyr, said in a statement that the government’s canal authority had [...]


Panama Canal halt threat put off until next month

The Spanish-led construction consortium leading the expansion of the Panama Canal has formally extended its deadline for a work stoppage until Feb. 1 while it negotiates a $1.6 billion cost overrun with the canal administrator.

The group known as United for the Canal said Thursday that it will continue negotiating until at least the start [...]


Panama rejects EU offer to mediate canal dispute

The Panama Canal Authority continued informal talks with a Spanish-led consortium on Monday, seeking to resolve a $1.6 billion cost-overrun dispute that has threatened to halt the biggest part of the project to expand the canal.

The consortium, led by Spain’s Sacyr Vallehermoso, had given a Sunday deadline for the authority to come up with [...]


Panama Canal row could cause three year delay

Italian builder Salini Impregilo has warned the Panama Canal Authority (PCA) that a failure to find a solution to the current financial wrangling could delay the development by up to three years.

A statement from Impreglio said: “There is no alternative to honouring the contract and the law. … The alternative to the completion of [...]


Cost overrun clash endangers huge Panama Canal extension project

Panama Canal construction on third set of locks

Work on the massive Panama Canal extension project may be suspended after a clash between the builders and the Panamanian authorities about $1.6 billion in cost overruns, according to a statement from the building consortium on Wednesday.

The cost overruns on the $3.2 billion canal extension, [...]


Panama Canal Pilots pledge to defend Canal Authority against attacks

From Newsroom Panama:

The Panama Canal Pilot’s union [which is an affiliate of the ILWU] says that it will defend the institutions of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) against any “external or internal” attack.

The decision of the canal guild comes following recent statements by Lourdes Castillo, about an ongoing investigation of Canal executive Rodolfo [...]


Another delay hits Panama Canal expansion project

Panama Canal expansion

The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has announced another delay of three months for the completion of the canal’s expansion, pushing back the start of commercial transits to the fourth quarter of 2015.

In its third quarter report ACP said that the delay resulted from the fact that the consortium Grupo Unidos [...]


Panama Canal Prepares Workforce for New Locks

As part of the preparations for the expanded Panama Canal, the Board of Inspectors of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has certified 12 new tugboat captains after successfully completing training.

This is the fourth group of the program which started in 2008 and has certified 47 tugboat captains. This represents 50% of the goal set [...]


Panama exec: Arctic route no threat to Panama Canal

From the Bulletin Panama:

Questioned on the eventual impact of the Arctic route to compete with the Panama Canal, the executive vice president of Planning and Business Development of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), Rodolfo Sabonge, told The Bulletin that studies indicate it is unlikely that in the foreseeable future it will compete with the [...]


Lack of training could jeopardize Post-Panamax vessels in Canal

From the Bulletin Panama:

The Panama Canal Pilots affiliated with the ILWU in 2011.

The Panama Canal expansion is scheduled to finish in June 2015 and the question arises whether pilots and other personnel of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) are prepared for the challenge of guiding the enormous Post Panamax ships through the [...]