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Port of Coos Bay CEO looks forward to completed projects, 'renewal of maritime commerce'

From an open letter titled ‘Dear Stakeholder: A Letter from Port of Coos Bay CEO John Burns’:

In 2017, the Port has continued to build out our team with the addition of four team members, three of which were hired to fill new positions at the Port reflecting growing Port operations. With our built-out team, […]


Port of Coos Bay board chief highlights infrastructure improvements

From Port Strategy:

Maintaining and improving aging infrastructure remains a priority at the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay, the president of the port’s Board of Commissioners Dave Kronsteiner has said.

In a letter in the port’s 2016/2017 Annual Report, Mr Kronsteiner said that the work continued to take precedence as many of the assets […]


Port of Coos Bay proposes widening Coos Bay Channel

From KCBY:

The Port of Coos Bay is proposing the expansion through its Coos Bay channel modification project.

The project will expand the existing channel from 37 to 45 feet dep and from 300 to 400 fifty feet wide.

The Port of Coos Bay will hold meetings to give information to the community later […]


Port of Coos Bay pushing $400 million dredging project

From The Democrat-Herald:

The Port of Coos Bay has stepped up its public outreach efforts in recent weeks to promote its proposed $400 million channel modification project.

A 1,400-foot-long by 1,100-foot-wide “vessel-turning basin” would also be created at the upper end of the proposed modification.

Currently, the channel sits at a depth of 37 feet […]


Politics, environmental worries threaten new coal ports in the Northwest

Growing environmental objections to exporting coal from Washington state and Oregon have begun to endanger the coal industry’s hope to restore its flagging fortunes by shipping much more of the embattled fossil fuel to China and India.

Port officials recently dropped plans for a terminal in Coos Bay, Ore., just days after the governors of […]


Oregon port marks full restoration of Coos Bay line

On Monday, a Coos Bay Rail Link (CBR) train moved a shipment of plywood out of the Roseburg Forest Products mill in Coquille, Ore., marking the full restoration of the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay’s 134-mile Coos Bay line since the route was closed more than five years ago.

Late last month, Billeter Marine […]


Oregon rejects challenge to Port of Coos Bay’s multi-purpose cargo slip permit

An Oregon judge has ruled in favor of the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay’s permit for the development of an access channel and multi-purpose vessel slip on the North Spit of lower Coos Bay.

Jordan Cove Energy Project has purchased property and is seeking federal approval to develop a liquefied natural gas export facility, […]


Second NW terminal scrapped, not reflection on others

Reported by Platts:

A second proposed coal export terminal in the Northwest was scrapped last week, but it is not seen as a reflection on the ability of the four remaining terminals to proceed.

“We’re not seeing a trend. The two projects not moving forward were the two most speculative,” Lauri Hennessey, a spokeswoman for […]


Judge rules against Port of Coos Bay in lawsuit

The International Port of Coos Bay is now reviewing its open records policies after losing an open records lawsuit.

The Sierra Club sued the port, after it did not waive legal and reproduction fees for documents the group wanted.

The club says they wanted the documents to make sure the port was compliant with environmental […]


Frieght trains return to Coos Bay, Oregon, this month

From KCBY:

Coos Bay Rail Link

After more than five years of empty tracks running through Coos Bay and North Bend, freight trains will now return to the bay area.

The Port of Coos Bay says repairs to the tracks have been completed, and now all eyes are on the swing bridge that connects […]


DeFazio has no objections to Coos Bay coal port

Rep. Peter DeFazio says he has few qualms about shipping coal to Asia through the Port of Coos Bay.

The Springfield Democrat tells The World newspaper that trying to block plans to ship coal to Asia won’t stop countries like South Korea from burning coal to produce electricity.

He adds that free trade agreements make […]


Port of Coos Bay fills COO position

Coos Bay COO Kathy Wall is taking over as COO from David Koch, who became full time CEO in June.

The Oregon International Port of Coos Bay promoted Kathy Wall to serve as chief operating officer, the position formerly held by Chief Executive Officer David Koch.

Wall previously served as harbormaster for two years, overseeing […]


ILWU Pickets Oregon Barge Facility

Industry publications continue to show interest in the recent longshore protest in Coos Bay. From Pacific Maritime Magazine:

An International Longshore and Warehouse Union local branch has begun what it says is an informational campaign against an Oregon lumber company that has hired non-union labor to work at a new barge facility.

Members of ILWU […]


ILWU fights for good jobs in Coos Bay

This Port of Coos Bay photo shows the site of Southport’s barge slip, which was built with public finds. ‘The public needs to know what is going on,’ ILWU Local 12 member Gene Sundet told the local media. ‘Southport has been subsidized 100 percent. Now after taking public money, they are cutting jobs and […]


ILWU Local 12 pickets Coos Bay's Southport barge terminal over longshore jurisdiction

ILWU Local 12 longshoremen protest the use of non-union labor in Coos Bay, Oregon, July 2012. Photo by The World.

About 25 Coos Bay International Longshore and Warehouse Union members gathered Monday outside Southport Lumber Co. to demand work.

Longshoreman Gene Sundet said Southport refused to hire union members for barge work at its […]