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Environmental groups target Port of Seattle plan to lease Terminal 5

A coalition of national and state environmental organizations is threatening to go to court to stop the Port of Seattle from leasing Terminal 5 to Foss Marine and become the home port of Shell’s Arctic oil-drilling fleet.

In a letter to the Port, the coalition calls on the commissioners to halt lease negotiations and allow […]


Push to ban fossil fuels at S.F. Port clears hurdle

San Francisco’s once-busy Port hasn’t handled fossil fuels — like coal and crude oil — since the 1960s. And if environmentalists have their way, the Port of San Francisco will never see a fossil fuel again.

The City’s Environment Commission passed a resolution Thursday urging the Port to close its docks to the future possibility […]


In Iran, sanctions aim at shipping lifeline

Iran has come to rely on imports of food, autos and computer chips.

On June 30, the Danish shipping giant Maersk startled Iran’s trade officials by abruptly pulling out of the country’s three largest ports. Company officials said little about the decision, but the timing was striking: A week earlier, the Obama administration had […]


China and oil collude to deter crop sell-off

Just as it seemed investors were willing to take a few profits on crops, along came two reasons to persuade them to hang on.

The first was oil, which crossed $90 a barrel in New York to set a 26-month high, amid continued cold weather on both sides of the Atlantic and following data showing […]


French police open access to Marseille oil depot

Police in the southern French city of Marseilles said on Friday they had opened access to a major oil depot near the blockaded port of Fos-Lavera, although tankers were still unable to dock at the terminal.

A dockworker strike at Fos-Lavera, France’s largest oil port, has held up fuel supplies to major refineries across […]


French Fos-Lavera strike blocks 61 ships

A three-week old strike at the French oil hub of Fos-Lavera to protest pension reform and working conditions is blocking 61 ships from unloading cargo, the port authority said on Sunday.

The strikers want job guarantees as part of a port reform and are also protesting against President Nicolas Sarkozy’s pension reforms that raise […]


Strikes over pensions paralyse French oil refining

Nationwide strikes paralysed France’s oil refining industry on Thursday, with only one out of 12 plants operating normally and some petrol stations reporting brief shortages due to panic buying.A strike at Fos Lavera entered its 18th day on Thursday — the longest on record at the key Mediterranean oil port — while workers at most […]