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Houston ship channel reopens after fiery incident; crew safe

A one-mile stretch of the Houston ship channel has re-opened after it was closed for 14 hours because of a fire and fuel spill.

The Houston Ship Channel has re-opened to all vessel traffic after an early-morning tanker fire and fuel spill caused it to shut down for 14 hours.

The Coast Guard […]


Ship’s leaky pipe probably to blame for fuel spill at Port of Los Angeles, Coast Guard says

Officials said a leaking pipe on the starboard side of the 577-foot cargo ship Istra Ace appears to have been the source of the spill. The docked ship was reported to have been leaking heavy fuel in the Cerritos Channel.

An oily fuel slick that appeared at the Port of Los Angeles was probably […]


Car carrier Istra Ace spilled oil in Port of Los Angeles

The car carrier Istra Ace spilled oil in Cerritos channel near berth 212 at Port of Los Angeles, USA. The vessel was bunkering oil from the shore, when the oil leak started from open valve. The crew saw the leak and stopped bunkering operation, ballasting to stop the leak, but unfortunately sufficient quantity of oil […]


Bulk carrier hits Pier 1 in Astoria, leaks fuel

A bulk carrier struck Pier 1 on Friday while pulling in at the Port of Astoria and leaked up to 1,100 gallons of diesel fuel into the Columbia River.

The U.S. Coast Guard received a report from the Port’s facility security officer that the Panamanian-flagged vessel Global Gold struck the pier, creating a 4-foot gash […]