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In a setback for Obama, negotiators fail to wrap up Pacific trade pact

High-level talks to forge a ­12-nation trade deal spanning the Pacific broke up Friday without resolving contentious disputes over Canadian dairy tariffs, the protection of cutting-edge drugs known as “biologics” and Japanese access to the North American automobile market.

Negotiators said they would continue to seek agreement over the coming months, but the failure to […]


Coalition of U.S. senators say improving labor standards must be key part of trade negotiations

U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) joined a group of senators in urging the United States Trade Representative to include strong labor protections as part of the negotiation over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), saying that many parts of the proposed agreement currently fall short of acceptable labor standards.

In a letter to Ambassador Michael Froman, fourteen […]


US lawmakers push for tough labor rules in Pacific trade deal

U.S. trade negotiators must insist on tough standards on human and workers’ rights in a Pacific trade deal spanning 12 countries, more than 150 Democratic lawmakers said in a letter to the Obama administration on Thursday.

The lawmakers, who make up three-quarters of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, urged U.S. Trade Representative Michael […]


UAW president to meet with top U.S. trade official

The UAW and Detroit’s Big Three automakers are worried that dropping tariffs on Japanese imports would give Japanese rivals a significant leg up and could lead to the loss of thousands of U.S. auto jobs. Graphic on historic job numbers from the Financial Times.

United Auto Workers President Bob King will meet with the top […]


Agricultur​e groups could oppose TPP on Japan tariff demands

”Japan – a rich, developed country – is demanding special treatment for its agricultural sector. We consider an agreement that includes such special treatment for Japan to be unacceptable,” wrote the American Farm Bureau Federation and 16 other organizations.

A coalition of the major agricultural organizations said they’re likely to oppose a final TPP trade […]


Japan cannot make further concessions to U.S. in TPP talks: minister

While the U.S.-led TPP aims for the abolition of all tariffs, Japan wants to retain tariffs it imposes on five farm product categories including rice. The United States and other TPP members are putting strong pressure on Japan to further open up its agricultural market.

Japan’s minister in charge of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade […]


Members of Congress ask U.S. Trade Representative to help resolve dispute during TPP negotiations with Japan

VANCOUVER, WA (October 1, 2013) – Members of Congress are voicing concern over Japan’s entry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) while Japanese conglomerates have locked out ILWU grain workers in Washington and Oregon for months. In a letter sent this week, several House members urge U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman to help resolve the lockout […]


Warren on Trans-Pacific Partnership: If people knew what was going on, they would stop it

“I am deeply concerned about the transparency record of the U.S. Trade Representative and with one ongoing trade agreement in particular — the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” — U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MA

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Wednesday voiced her opposition to President Barack Obama’s top international trade nominee because of a secretive free trade agreement.