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Maritime, dockworker unions criticize Liberty Marine’s labor switch

Note: Read the full Maritime Labor Alliance release about this jurisdictional violation here

From American Shipper:

A collective of ship and dockworkers unions are protesting a decision by Liberty Maritime to employ deck and engineering officers from another union to operate its newest U.S.-flag ship, rather than those members of its longtime union, the Marine […]


Labor Notes: 'East Coast Longshore Union May Bolt Too'

From Labor Notes:

On the heels of the West Coast longshore union’s departure from the AFL-CIO, it appears the East Coast dockers may also be headed that way. “We had said for a while, if the ILWU left we probably would too,” said Ken Riley, a national vice president of the International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA), […]


Maritime Labor Alliance Members Ratify Constitution; Ends Affiliation With Maritime Trades Department

The Maritime Labor Alliance (MLA), which was formed last year to protect the jurisdictional rights of its members, met in Chicago on July 9 to approve a constitution and set a course for the future. The members of the alliance are MM&P, the American Radio Association (ARA), the Inlandboatmen’s Union (IBU), the International Longshoremen’s […]


Maritime Labor Alliance Endorses Obama-Biden

The American Radio Association, the Inlandboatmen’s Union, the International Longshoremen’s Association, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots and the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association endorse Obama-Biden ticket. The members of the Maritime Labor Alliance are fully committed to the future growth and economic viability of the United […]


Longshoremen's strike could lead to more unrest

From Marine Log:

A port labor dispute between the United States Maritime Alliance and the International Longshoremen’s Association Labor Negotiations is now the subject of negotiations under the auspices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS).

Should those talks fail, a strike could hit 14 ports along the U.S. east and Gulf coasts. Today, […]


ITF Pledges to Work With ILA, ILWU

From the Journal of Commerce:

The president of the International Transport Workers’ Federation said his meeting with U.S. dockworker union leaders produced mutual pledges of support for union job security, retraining, jurisdiction and improved working conditions in exchange for automation.

ITF President Paddy Crumlin met last week in Washington with Harold Daggett, president of the […]


Six Major Unions Form Maritime Labor Alliance

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News Release: Thursday, September 13, 2012

Six of the country’s leading maritime labor organizations, American Radio Association, Inlandboatmen’s Union, International Longshoremen’s Association, International Longshore & Warehouse Union, Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, and International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots, have announced the establishment […]