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How has your Senator voted on Trump nominees so far?

The New York Times makes it easy to find out where our Senators stand:

The Senate has confirmed each of President Trump’s nominees that it has voted on so far. Fifteen members of the cabinet and eight other top administration posts require Senate confirmation.

All but three of the “no” votes have come from […]


Murkowski, King seek to enlist other senators in an Arctic caucus

”What I am trying to do is raise awareness about all things Arctic. I’m trying to allow members to see and appreciate that the Arctic is not just about Alaska,” Murkowski said in an interview Tuesday.

From the Alaska Dispatch News:

Coming soon to the U.S. Capitol is a new group of lawmakers: the Senate […]


GAO offers sobering look at shipping prospects in US Arctic

There is no deepwater port in the U.S. Arctic, the GAO report notes. Most ports north of the Aleutian Islands are shallow, and coastal areas in Arctic Alaska lack surface links to roads or rail systems.

Less than 1 percent of navigationally significant waters in the U.S. Arctic have been surveyed with modern technology, […]


Alaska and Arctic shipping: boon or boondoggle?

The view from Tin City, in the foreground, looks across the Bering Strait to the Diomede islands, and beyond them, Chukotka, Russia. This is the narrowest point of the Bering Strait, and an increasingly important shipping site in the Arctic. Loren Holmes photo

At a symposium earlier this month on the Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing […]