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The U.S. Counterattack in Central America

Jose Maria Villalta, a pro-union candidate for president, was a front runner in Costa Rican polls until a propaganda campaign was waged by the U.S.-backed oligarchy.

At peak moments of the “war on drug trafficking” or for “humanitarian activities”, there may be dozens of ships at Costa Rican bases, from aircraft carriers to amphibious vehicles, […]


A tense meeting as Moín Port expansion opponents confront APM Terminal reps

When APM Terminals representatives talked about jobs, attendees began drowning them out with noise. The Costa Rican government has continually undermined the dockworkers union SINTRAJAP in the controversial port concession. Photo by Carlos Brenes Vargas.

COSTA RICA: Some 600 people attended a public hearing on Saturday at the Eddy Bermúdez Gymnasium in the Caribbean port […]


Costa Rica: Judges to rule on $1 billion port concession

‘APM demanded from the government a monopoly on containers — Is that OK?’ sign in Limon, Costa Rica. Union dockworkers have fought the concession of the Port of Moín, saying the community and country will lose when a multinational takes over the public port. Judges in an administrative court have until Aug. 7 to […]


Presidenta Chinchilla Urged To Scrap Fiscal Plan

The Costa Rican President, Laura Chinchilla, should give up the fiscal reform now under consideration at the Legislative Assembly, said the general secretary of the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados (ANEP), Albino Vargas.

For the leader of the National Association of Public and Private Employees, this would be the most correct attitude after […]


Costa Rica: Union loses appeal to challenge APM Terminals $1 billion contract at Moin Port

Costa Rica's president, Laura Chinchilla, showed who’s side she's on when she responded to APM's court victory over local dockworkers by saying, "We are pleased that we have overcome one more obstacle and we’re confident that we can also overcome any obstacles in the Comptroller General’s Office where the project is to be ratified."

Costa […]


Control opositor en Congreso de Costa Rica amenaza plan fiscal de Chinchilla

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: Costa Rican voters have dealt a blow to Laura Chinchilla’s neoliberal administration by taking away her party’s control of the Congress in recent national elections. Of interest to the ILWU Coast Longshore Division is the Chinchilla administration’s continued attacks on union dockworkers.]

Laura Chinchilla's party is socially democratic in name but in […]


Costa Rica: Gobierno impulsa plan de recorte en Japdeva

Baja de tono a concesión y aboga por reducir en 50% el gasto en salarios; Busca pasar de 1.400 empleados a un máximo de 800.

In May 1010, as part of an ongoing campaign to destroy the dockworkers union, Costa Rican police broke into the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union office.

[ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Costa Rica’s most […]


Costa Rican government fails to destroy union, sets up new dock instead

After failing to destroy the SINTRAJAP dockworkers' union, the Costa Rican government has signed an agreement with APM Terminals to create a new terminal near the existing docks.

The ILWU Coast Longshore Division has supported Costa Rica’s SINTRAJAP dockworkers in the face of the union’s abuse from their government, including a declaration from the […]


Union leader Ronaldo Blear: ‘We feel ambushed’

Ronaldo Blear was overwhelmingly reelected as Secretary General of the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union after the Costa Rican government helped install a sham leadership last year.

[NOTE: The following excerpt is from an interview between Costa Rica’s Tico Times and Ronaldo Blear, the recently reelected leader of the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union. The ILWU Coast […]


Gobierno quiere imponer privatización de puertos, denuncia SINTRAJAP

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: The Costa Rican dockworkers union, SINTRAJAP, says that the government continues its push to privatize the ports in the Limón province at any cost, and without meeting with the union to hear its plan to modernize the ports with the good of the community in mind. Under the Oscar Arias and Laura Chinchilla […]


Gobierno elude diálogo con SINTRAJAP para imponer privatización

[ENGLISH TRANSLATION: This news release from Costa Rica’s dockworkers union says that national president Laura Chinchilla’s administration and the JAPDEVA port administrators continue to impose privatization of the docks without consulting with union leaders. The dockworkers recently reelected the Ronaldo Blear union administration in a landslide election that was widely regarded as a rejection of […]


Costa Rica ‘Will Modernize’ Limón Docks With or Without Union Support

The Costa Rican government said on Saturday that it will continue with its plans to modernize the Limón docks, with or without the support of the JAPDEVA union [SINTRAJAP].

The election of Ronaldo Blear as leader of the JAPDEVA union is a signal from the union members not to privatize the docks, seeing the government’s […]


Blear se ratifica en sindicato de Japdeva

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: For the past year, the ILWU Coast Longshore Division has assisted the democratically elected leaders of the Costa Rican dockworkers union SINTRAJAP, led by Ronaldo Blear, in fending off attacks from the Costa Rican government and global terminal operators. Today the membership of SINTRAJAP overwhelmingly re-elected Blear in an internationally monitored union election. […]


Chinchilla Promises Limón More Development

Costa Rica President Laura Chinchilla on Wednesday promised the province of Limón a major push for development with the modernization of the Recope refinery and docks at Limón and Moín.

The impetus is expected to create some 2.000 direct and 6.000 indirect jobs during the construction stage alone.

The government’s announcement comes days before the […]


Del Monte continúa contaminación de aguas [Del Monte contaminates water]

[English summary: Costa Ricans say that Del Monte is failing to protect their drinking water from contaminants used in the company’s large-scale production of pineapple, which has seen an exponential increase in Costa Rica over the past 10 years. Lab results show that rural drinking water is contaminated with chemicals such as diuron, bromacil and […]