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Congress could use Puerto Rico aid to attack Jones Act and American jobs

From ‘Seafarers fret over new assault on Jones Act in wake of storms’ in Bloomberg News:

“The Jones Act is pretty much the only reason I have a job,” said Brett Cowan, a mariner from California who has been working on boats since he was 13. Changing the Jones Act, he said, “would put […]


McCain wants to get rid of ‘Buy American’ law

From the Phoenix Business Journal:

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., has introduced legislation to undo a ‘Buy American’ law that dates back to 1920.

McCain wants Congress to repeal the decades-old Jones Act. The law institutes some rules and regulations on shipping.

That includes regulations on waterborne shipping between two U.S. locations that dictate the […]


The Jones Act under attack

Posted at Maritime Executive:

Over the years, lawmakers and presidents have proposed making somewhat controversial changes to the Jones Act. Some have gone so far as to recommend repealing it entirely as Senator John McCain did in 2015.

The Jones Act, passed in 1920, protects legally-defined maritime workers and helps maintain a safe […]


Keystone bill passes: Without McCain's Jones Act repeal amendment

Despite his amendment not being included, Senator McCain voted in favor of the bill.

The U.S. Senate yesterday voted 62 to 36 to pass a bill to permit construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, but declined to tack on an amendment by Senator John McCain that would have repealed the domestic shipbuilding requirement of the […]


PR Politician Wants Jones Act Impact “Investigated”

Two of Puerto Rica's top politicians (Republican Gov. Fortuño, right, and Democratic Congressman Pierluisi) are speaking publicly on the Jones Act.

Puerto Rico’s representative in the U.S. Congress, Pedro Pierluisi, has asked the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to launch a study of the Jones Act’s impact on Puerto Rico’s economy. The Jones Act requires […]


Feds: Jones Act didn’t hurt oil clean-up

Remember shortly after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill when Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and others were trying to repeal a U.S. shipping maritime law because they said it hindered relief efforts?

The federal commission investigating the spill on Tuesday released a report stating that the Jones Act didn’t prevent foreign-flag vessels from assisting in […]


Foreign Ship Ban Debated in Obama's Response to BP Oil Spill

Alvaro Ramos of ILWU Local 13 contributed this photo of a Matson ship at call this week in Southern California. The attack on the Jones Act threatens American jobs at Matson and Horizon Lines, which hire American crew. Most other carriers hire foreign crew.

Twenty-four foreign vessels are already working in the Gulf, according […]


Rep. Linda Sanchez: ‘The U.S. economy needs the Jones Act’

Rep. Linda Sanchez rebutted a Washington Post editorial that supported repeal of the Jones Act.

Excerpt from her letter to the editor:

I would expect patriotic Americans of all political stripes, including Republicans such as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), to welcome with open arms the Jones Act, which requires that […]


McCain wants to let foreign ships carry goods between U.S. ports

Lines and TOTE handle about 75 percent of the waterborne cargo between Tacoma to Alaska. Thanks to the Jones Act, they use vessels built in the U.S. and manned by Americans — but that could change if McCain succeeds in repealing the Jones Act.

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain has introduced legislation that would […]