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The One Percent Solution: How Corporations Are Remaking America One State at a Time

ILWU ally Gordon Lafer helped Local 142 win a collective bargaining agreement with Pacific Beach Hotel in a multi-year struggle. His latest book discusses the powerful forces against America’s workers:

In the aftermath of the 2010 Citizens United decision, it’s become commonplace to note that politics has become dominated by a small slice of the […]


Retired ILWU Hawaii Division leader Yoshito Takamine dies at 89

West Hawaii Photo of Yoshito Takamine, 1981

From the Hawaii Tribune-Herald:

Yoshito Takamine, a longtime Hawaii Island labor and political leader, died Oct. 27 at his Honokaa home. He was 89.

The eldest son in a family of 14 children raised by a plantation worker and his picture bride, both from Okinawa, Takamine went to […]


Hawaii Longshore Division reaches tentative agreement

A tentative agreement covering Hawaii longshore workers statewide was reached Monday afternoon.

The tentative agreement will be voted on by the full Hawaii Longshore Division membership after the Memorandum of Agreement is reviewed by the negotiating committee next week.

Details of the tentative agreement will be released after the membership vote.

The Hawaii Longshore Division […]


Victory for Pacific Beach Workers in Honolulu

From the ILWU Dispatcher:

Long road to victory: After a decade of struggle, workers at the Pacific Beach Hotel won their first contract agreement.

It was early in the afternoon of December 29, 2012 at the Pacific Beach Hotel – site of countless rallies and demonstrations led by Local 142. But on this day, […]


Former Del Monte ILWU workers win additional severance pay

Star-Bulletin archives from November 2006 show the news that pulled the rug out from under hundreds of ILWU workers who had believed repeated assurances from Del Monte that their jobs were secure until 2008.

The Hawaii Supreme Court affirmed an Intermediate Court of Appeals ruling in favor of former workers of Del Monte Fresh Produce […]


Supreme Court's actions buoy Pacific Beach workers

A decision from the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday not to hear an appeal from Pacific Beach Hotel reaffirmed the rights of workers but did not end the lengthy labor dispute between the Waikiki hotel and the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 142.

“It means that we were right all along and we’ve […]


Labor dispute ruling comes down for Waikiki hotel

The Pacific Beach Hotel which has been repeatedly found guilty of violating federal labor laws and was recently ordered to hire several wrongly terminated employees with back pay.

A labor dispute at the Pacific Beach Hotel has become the basis for an important court ruling.

The Ninth Circuit has ruled that the General Council […]


Pacific Beach Hotel violated U.S. labor law, agency rules

The labor board has ordered the Pacific Beach Hotel to reinstate workers and pay back wages and union expenses.

Pacific Beach Hotel management is reviewing its legal options in the wake of a recent decision from the National Labor Relations Board that found the hotel violated numerous provisions of federal labor law.

The board […]


Lanai wind farm term agreement negotiated

The proposed wind farm would transmit as much as 400 megawatts of electricity to Oahu via an undersea cable from wind farms on Lanai and Molokai.

Hawaiian Electric Co. and Castle & Cooke Resorts officials contend that Lanai residents could see some benefits ranging from lower electric rates and guaranteed employment to hunting access […]


Abercrombie selects labor, budget chiefs

Sen. Dwight Takamine

Hawaii’s Gov.-elect Neil Abercrombie … picked state Sen. Dwight Takamine (D, Hamakua-South Hilo) as director of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Takamine is known as a union advocate, and he and his father, former International Longshore and Warehouse Union leader Yoshito Takamine, have represented the Hamakua coast in either […]


Specialized Cargo Ship Connects San Diego to Hawaiian Ports

The Port of San Diego produced a 6-minute video that includes longshore workers working on the Jean Anne, which is operated by Pasha Hawaii. Longshoremen and marine clerks in San Diego and Hawai’i handle a variety of cargo including school buses, piping, roller coasters for the Hawai’i state fair, mobile homes, yachts and […]


Hawai’i-Longview Trash Shipping Hits Another Delay

Some 20,000 tons of trash has piled up at Campbell Industrial Park since Hawaiian Waste Systems was awarded the contract in September to begin shipping Oahu’s trash to the mainland [Port of Longview, WA].

As the delays dragged on, Hawaiian Waste Systems had been cited by the Health Department for storing 20,000 tons of trash […]


Hawaii harbor tariff meetings set

Hawaii’s tariffs have not been increased since 1997 and the state’s commercial harbors, which suffer limited berth space, terminal resources, and crumbling docks, have not received a major upgrade in 20 years. If the tariff hikes are approved by Gov. Linda Lingle, they will be implemented in early 2010, with gradual increases over a five-year […]