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ICTSI unit inks deal to expand Puerto Cortes in Honduras

International Container Terminal Services Inc’s (ICTSI) unit Operadura Portuaria Centroamericana has inked a deal to expand Puerto Cortes in Honduras.

OPC has signed a contract with China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) for the first phase of the expansion of specialised container and cargo terminal at Puerto Cortes. The first phase of construction will feature a […]


On growth, ICTSI wants 'to do in Africa what we did in Latin America'

To say that ICTSI doesn’t respect workers and their unions is a massive understatement. Honduran dockworkers have suffered major job losses, violence, and militarization of their cargo terminal since ICTSI took over operations at Puerto Cortes in 2013. In March, several Honduran dockworkers traveled to Portland, Oregon, to protest ICTSI’s locking out of union […]


MUA voice concerns over ICTSI concession

Honduran dockworkers from the SGTM union protested at ICTSI at the Port of Portland in March. Their union brothers and sisters in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, have suffered threats and violence against their families since ICTSI privatized their terminal.

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has expressed their concern this week over the decision made by […]


New Melbourne operator ICTSI slammed for 'poor reputation'

Spurred by abuses against SGTM union dockworkers at an ICTSI terminal in Honduras, ILWU Longshore Caucus delegates and guests protest at the Honduran embassy in San Francisco in March, 2014.

The winning consortium chosen to operate a new container terminal at the Port of Melbourne has been blasted by the Maritime Union of Australia […]


Six workers hurt in protest vs ICTSI's armed guards in Manila

The daughter of a union leader reports her father was hit in the face with a truncheon, also known as a billy club, while peacefully handing out fliers at ICTSI’s terminal in Manila. ICTSI is the private terminal operator that’s behind ongoing problems at Portland’s Terminal 6. Honduran union dockworkers have reported violence at […]


Shipping container terminal operator ICTSI penalised for Health and Safety issues

From the United Kingdom comes this report in the Handy Shipping Guide:

The longstanding dispute between the longshoremen who work in the Port of Portland and employers simmers on, and the latest development will doubtless engender an ‘I told you so’ from the dock workers who are employed at the ICTSI Oregon container shipping terminal […]


ITF wins death threats investigation promise

SGTM members picketed at the ICTSI terminal in Portland earlier this month, and were sought by Honduran police on their return home.

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) has won a promise from the Honduran ambassador to the UK to investigate death threats and victimisation of trade unionists in the city of Puerto Cortés.



ICTSI profit up 20% at $172.4M in 2013

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) recorded a 20 percent hike in audited consolidated attributable net income to US$172.4 million last year from the US$143.2 million earned in 2012.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, the firm said the higher attributable net income was mainly due to strong revenue growth and margin improvement […]


Troubled Port of Portland container Terminal 6 shuts after longshore-security officer altercation

Excerpts from The Oregonian:

The Port of Portland’s Terminal 6 shut down again Wednesday, this time after a verbal altercation between container-yard employees and longshore workers.

“Today ICTSI and Port supervisors threatened top loader drivers with physical violence, showing once again that ICTSI and the Port are working in collusion against union members,” said ILWU […]


Honduran longshoremen locked out by ICTSI picket Portland terminal

Honduran dockworkers have suffered massive job losses, violence and militarization of their cargo terminal since ICTSI took over operations at Puerto Cortes in 2013.

PORTLAND, OR (MARCH 4, 2014) – On Tuesday, March 4, Central American port workers from the labor union Sindicato Gremial de Trabajadores del Muelle (SGTM) from Puerto Cortés in Honduras […]


Longshore workers honor Honduran picket line at Port of Portland

Honduran dockworkers have suffered massive job losses, violence and militarization of their cargo terminal since ICTSI took over operations at Puerto Cortes in 2013.

This Associated Press article was published in news outlets in Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Indiana and beyond:

Labor turmoil continues at the Port of Portland as longshoreman refused to cross […]


The U.S. Counterattack in Central America

Jose Maria Villalta, a pro-union candidate for president, was a front runner in Costa Rican polls until a propaganda campaign was waged by the U.S.-backed oligarchy.

At peak moments of the “war on drug trafficking” or for “humanitarian activities”, there may be dozens of ships at Costa Rican bases, from aircraft carriers to amphibious vehicles, […]


Murder, death threats and violent thugs accompany ICTSI into Central America

Enrique Razon, CEO of ICTSI, has amassed $4.5 billion in wealth by operating terminals — and exploiting port workers — around the world. He is the 4th richest man in the Philippines, according to Forbes Magazine..

International Container Terminal Services Incorporated (ICTSI) – the rogue employer responsible for flagrant contract violations at the Port […]


Fue asesinado el padre del líder portuario hondureño amenazado

[NOTE: Last week, Honduran dockworker union leader Victor Crespo’s father was murdered following threats by anti-union forces. Click here to read this news in English at the International Transport Workers’ Federation web site.]

Con gran pesar, la Federación Internacional de Trabajadores del Transporte (ITF) comunica que el padre de Víctor Crespo (el dirigente sindical hondureño […]


Union leader’s dad murdered in place of son

[NOTE: Honduran union leader Victor Crespo has been threatened for trying to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with ICTSI, the same terminal operator that took over operations at the Port of Portland’s Terminal 6 in 2010.]

From Morning Star Online:

Killing payback for port collective bargain fight

The father of Honduran trade union leader Victor […]