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Harbor Maintenance Tax legislation introduced in Congress

From the American Association of Port Authorities:

Yesterday, bipartisan, bicameral legislation was introduced to ensure that all Harbor Maintenance Tax (HMT) money collected is returned to ports for the maintenance of federal navigation channels and supporting maritime infrastructure.

The Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund Reform Act of 2017 was introduced in both the House and Senate. […]


AAPA continues to work with Rep. DeFazio on Harbor Maintenance Tax

From the American Association of Port Authorities:

Legislation intended to stimulate infrastructure investment was introduced last week by House Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) Committee Ranking Member Peter DeFazio (D-OR). The Investing in America: A Penny for Progress Act (H.R. 1664) is based on legislation enacted by 17 states that will increase their state gas taxes […]


Push for more funding for L.A./Long Beach port complex moves forward in Congress

Megaship CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin called on Long Beach for the first time in December. Megaships require infrastructure accommodations, including channel dredging, due to their enormous size.

From the Daily Breeze:

A port funding request that could provide revenues for dredging as the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex prepares for the new megaships […]


$1.2 billion approved for ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

A funding bill approved Friday by Congress includes $1.2 billion to pay for dredging and other maintenance work at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, a local congresswoman said.

Rep. Janice Hahn, D-San Pedro, called the funding “a major victory for our ports, allowing them to invest in dredging, maintenance and other improvements that […]


Brookings Institution: US needs to address congestion, Harbor Maintenance Tax improvements

The Brookings Institution said U.S. government needs to adopt a national policy to address congestion at major ports:

As it stands, policymakers see ports more as local infrastructure and not national assets, the Brookings report said. That means spending is allocated based on local needs, even though congestion near the ports of Houston or Portland […]


FMC members cite progress in cross-border report

Two Federal Maritime Commission members hailed U.S. dredging legislation and Seattle-Tacoma port cooperation as “significant” steps to help U.S. ports compete with Canadian and Mexican gateways for shipments to U.S. points.

Commissioners Richard A. Lidinsky Jr. and William P. Doyle … noted this year’s passage of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act, which among […]


WRRDA’s promised funding for US ports isn’t guaranteed

Congressional appropriators, or those with the purse strings, aren’t bound to follow the guidance set forth by the Water Resources Reform Development Act, which President Barack Obama is expected to soon sign into law.

Just because Congress promises to send hundreds of millions of dollars more annually to U.S. ports and more fairly distribute the […]


Harbor tax rebate could help Seattle, Tacoma ports attract business

The Seattle Times reports that the Ports of Tacoma (pictured) and Seattle ”are losing market share, and they lay part of the blame on the harbor-maintenance tax. Importers and shippers can bypass the levy — $1.25 per $1,000 in cargo — by entering through or Mexican ports and moving the goods to final U.S. […]


Senate bill would increase federal funds to Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach

A federal water resources bill making its way through Congress would provide funds to dredge the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Sen. Barbara Boxer said Wednesday.

The wording of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act has been approved by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and a joint House and Senate […]


US Bill aims to abolish Harbor Maintenance Tax; could levy fees on imports from Canada, Mexico

News Tribune graphic, 2012

The legislation would change the Harbor Maintenance Tax and give shippers “new incentives to move their goods through American ports-particularly those in the Pacific Northwest,” said Senator Murray.

A US Senate bill could go forward next month that will propose a repeal of the existing Harbor Maintenance Tax (HMT) […]


End run threatens ports in Northwest

”The threat is real,” said Cantwell. ”The Federal Maritime Commission found that up to 27 percent of container volume moving through West Coast ports is at risk of diverting to Prince Rupert.” Canadian ports have soared from 7.8 to 13.9 percent, with expansion that will allow Prince Rupert to take more cargoes than Seattle, […]


High stakes for Tacoma, West Coast ports

From the News Tribune:

Tacoma, other West Coast ports face challenges: Competiton from north, south of U.S. borders

While the terminal operators in Mexico and Canada talk about serving their national markets, both Prince Rupert and Lazaro Cardenas have a common attribute that could make them strong competitors for U.S. business. Both ports are connected […]


Canadian ports wade into political waters

Last September, two Washington senators and a handful of West Coast representatives asked the commissioners to analyze the impact of shippers stopping in Canada and then sending their goods by rail to the United States. Their primary concern involved a Harbor Maintenance Tax, which the government charges shippers to reimburse dredging costs. The report placed […]


U.S. agency accuses Canada of luring cargo away from U.S. ports

Cranes stack containers from cargo ships at the Port of Vancouver on October 16, 2008. A U.S. federal agency is poised to chastise Canada in an upcoming report to Congress, alleging Canadian ports on the West Coast are deliberately luring lucrative cargo business away from their American counterparts, say sources familiar with the findings. […]


Canadian port authorities respond to U.S. questions over practices

Washington’s U.S. Senators asked the FMC for an investigation of ‘diversions’ of U.S.-bound, Asia-origin cargo through Canada, brought into United States via Canadian rail services.

The Federal Maritime Commission in the U.S. decided late last year to launch a study into possible unfair practices by Ottawa for its container ports, raising fears of a […]