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Maersk Line set to reflag Hamburg Süd containerships away from Germany

From The Loadstar:

Maersk Line confirmed last week its intention to reflag a number of Hamburg Süd vessels, including 10,600 teu flagships Cap San Juan, Cap San Lazaro and Cap San Vincent, to either Danish or Singapore registration early next year.

The decision – which it said was in line with Maersk Line’s “flagging strategy” […]


FMC evaluating Transpacific carrier agreements; Carriers known as “Flags of Convenience” investigated

From Logistic Management:

The ongoing trend of consolidation in the ocean cargocarrier arena is being confronted with more scrutiny by regulatory agencies.

Two agreements related to the west coast and trade flows between the United States and Asia were addressed this week by the Federal Maritime Commission, as were recent developments regarding government linked ocean […]


ITF top level board praises Panama papers release and exposure of injustice and wrongdoing

Commenting on the continuing furore over the release of the Panama papers, ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) president Paddy Crumlin said: “Cover up, silence, secrecy, zero accountability. Those are what these leaks have exposed. For those who have campaigned against flags of convenience (FOCs) in shipping, these new facts, shocking though they are, will not […]


Maersk-ITF Seal Big Seafarer Deal

”Millions of the transport workers represented by our unions work for Maersk directly or via subsidiary companies and we are committed to making sure they have decent terms and conditions.” — Jacqueline Smith, ITF Maritime Coordinator

Maersk Line has agreed that it will ensure that any vessel it charters has an International Transport Workers’ […]


ITF comment on Panama Papers revelations

From the International Transport Workers’ Federation:

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is welcoming revelations of tax avoidance and related activities in the leaked Panama Papers this week in the hope that the exposure will lead to a change in the current climate of tacit approval for this kind of socially damaging behaviour.

General secretary […]


Flags of convenience: After Longshoreman's 2012 death, ship owners evade responsibility

From the Tampa Bay Times:

In addition to being a longshoreman, Hercules Gilmore, Jr. was also a respected pastor.

From nearly the day longshoreman Hercules Gilmore Jr. died in its cargo hold, the Panamanian-flagged Honesty Ocean has proven more phantom than ship.

On Oct. 23, 2012, Gilmore stood on the deck of the 609-foot-long vessel […]


Ships’ crews allegedly denied food, water, wages as Australia faces test on flags of convenience

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government is attempting to dismantle the Coastal Trading Act, which dictates that ships trading between Australian ports must be crewed by Australian workers, or pay Australian award wages. ”Abbott has to ask himself whether he is okay with this, because this is what he is recommending for the domestic […]


Australia bans MSC ship over alleged poor standards

According to LIoyd’s list, the 957-TEU Vega Auriga has been detained for poor seafarer welfare and ship care on multiple occasions by AMSA, adding that it also run afoul of Singaporean maritime authorities.

Citing poor vessel maintenance and crew safety, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has banned a Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) containership […]


Why so many shipowners find Panama’s flag convenient

About 8,600 ships fly the Panamanian flag. By comparison, the US has around 3,400 registered vessels and China just over 3,700.

Excerpts from the BBC:

Most merchant ships flying Panama’s flag belong to foreign owners wishing to avoid the stricter marine regulations imposed by their own countries.

Panama operates what is known as an […]


ITF sounds aviation ‘flags of convenience’ warning

From the International Transport Workers’ Federation:

‘Air transport workers have been used repeatedly and increasingly since 2000 as the primary shock absorbers for managing the effects of deregulation, liberalisation, the periodic business cycles and external shocks in the industry, often with devastating social consequences.’ — ITF submission at ICAO meeting

The ITF (International Transport […]


The Company That Ran The ‘Cruise From Hell’ Pays Almost No Income Tax

Despite using public ports, Coast Guard assistance, federal customs operations and tax-payer funded roads and bridges, Carnival uses a tax loophole that allows companies incorporated overseas to avoid U.S. taxes, even if the bulk of their operations are based in the states. The New York Times reports that between 2008 and 2011, 26 major […]


ILWU Local 18 members & ITF help hungry ship’s crew in Sacramento

From the Dispatcher at ILWU.org:

Sacramento ship ITF West Coast Coordinator Jeff Engels delivers food stores to crew of the Sider Pink. The combination of solidarity from ILWU Local 18 members, support from the ITF and enforcement action by the U.S. Coast Guard resulted in $14,000 worth of food stores being delivered to the […]


New Zealand gov't to ban foreign-flagged fishing vessels

New Zealand’s government has announced that foreign charter fishing vessels working in New Zealand waters will have to be reflagged under the national flag over a four-year transition period.

The move is “welcome, right and overdue. Scandal has followed scandal in this area in recent years, including grave instances of crew abuse. We congratulate MUNZ […]


Maritime unions call for Matsuda to resign

The unions blasted David Matsuda, above, for a report that ‘includes possible cost-cutting suggestions that are completely contrary to the overall best interests of the United States, represents a gigantic failure in Matsuda’s leadership and a missed opportunity on the part of the Maritime Administration.’

Maritime unions are up in arms and calling for the […]


‘Near miss’ at Australia wharf as 28-ton container falls

The container that fell 12 meters and narrowly missed two workers was severely overloaded and the third accident this month at Darwin Port, said the MUA.

Two workers at the Darwin Port had to run to avoid a shipping container crashing onto East Arm Wharf at the weekend, the Maritime Union of Australia says.