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Continúan polémicas en torno a concesión del Muelle Norte de Callao

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: Shipping agents at Callao, Peru, are the latest in a line of parties expressing dissatisfaction over the concession of Muelle Norte the north dock, to APM Terminals. Officials say that just 10 days after APM took over operations, the docks are chaotic, slow, seeing ships leave before being fully discharged, and increased costs. […]


APMT’s Callao North concession under scrutiny

Port of Callao, Peru

No sooner than it starts up operations, APM Terminals faces the challenge of a new government in Callao

The incoming Peruvian government has warned that the existing contract with APM Terminals at its new Callao North Terminal could be renegotiated if it deems that any clauses are not in the […]


El Callao debe seguir siendo puerto estatal

Peruvian Congressman and dockworker Luis Negreiros, center, last summer met with the ILWU Coast Longshore Division to discuss problems in Callao. Also pictured are Coast Committeemen Leal Sundet and Ray Ortiz, Jr.

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: In the following interview, Peruvian Congressman and union dockworker Luis Negreiros says the recent concession of Terminal Norte in […]


Strike ‘paralyzes’ Peruvian port

Dockworkers ‘paralyzed’ the Peruvian port of Puerto Callao Wednesday in a strike over the lack of labor rights in a concession contract, according to Peru’s Association of Exporters (ADEX).

The Callao Maritime and Port Workers Union (SUTRAMPORPC) engaged in the 24-hour strike to protest the contract as it did not grant labor rights to employees […]


Controversy hits Callao concession

Peruvian dockworkers, including Luis Negreiros (center) have told the ILWU Coast Longshore Division that DP World hires nonunion dockworkers at the terminal it operates in Callao. Also pictured: Coast Committeemen Leal Sundet and Ray Ortiz, Jr.

Despite an initial judgement to allow DP World to bid for Callao’s Muelle Norte terminal, the claim that […]


Peru port strike threatens fruit exports

Container ships have been turning away from Peru’s port of Callao due to dockworker strikes, raising concerns for the country’s fresh produce exporters, reported website noticiasnorte.com.

Peruvian Exporters Association (ADEX) president José Luis Silva Martinot said the country’s businesses could not afford to lose customers, leaving some with no option but to send by air […]


MTC: DP World olvida compromiso de competencia al buscar participar en concesión del Terminal Norte

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: Peru’s Minister of Transport and Communications says that DP World is failing to make good on its commitment not to bid on the concession of the Port of Callao’s North Dock. DP World, which already operates the South Dock, is engaging in a legal battle for the right to bid on the North […]


Puerto del Callao funciona en 100%

Callao, Peru. is the largest port on the Pacific Coast of South America.

[ENGLISH SUMMARY: The Peruvian dockworkers union in Callao began striking on January 19. The port administration, ENAPU, said they have a contingency plan that includes training the military to run the port, and the port is “working at 100% with gantry […]


DP World violates port labor laws

This December 7 news article is translated below. Click on the image to read the original text in Spanish.

CALLAO, PERU: After ongoing union protests, and the intervention of the Minister to DP World in overseeing the agency’s recruitment, the MINTRA (Labor and Economic Development Minister) commission has ruled in favor of dockworkers, and […]


DP World incumple leyes laborales portuarias

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CALLAO, PERU: Luego de constantes protestas del sindicato, y la intervención del ministro a DP World, para fiscalizar las contrataciones del ente portuario, finalmente la comisión del MINTRA, falló a favor de los estibadores y reconoció que DP World transgredió la ley del […]


Unionists vow to organise new private sector ports in Latin America

Unionists from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean tell ENAPU president (Mario Arbulu Miranda) that dockers in the port of Callao have their full support

Dockers’ unionists have pledged to build strong unions in new terminals to end the attack on working conditions across Latin America and the Caribbean.

The unionists made the promise […]


Muelle Norte operator to pay state 3% of income

The future concessionaire of Peru’s Muelle Norte multipurpose terminal at Callao port will pay the state a fee of 3% of its net monthly income, through national port authority APN.

The provision is included in the third version of the 30-year concession contract completed by APN and private investment promotion agency ProInversion, state news agency […]


MSC, Enapu sign service agreement at the Port of Callao, Peru

Callao is one of many Latin American ports that's undergoing privatization schemes that undermine longshore workers' jobs.

Switzerland’s Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has signed a service agreement with Peruvian national ports operator Enapu to allow cheaper tariffs at Callao (“ki-YOW”) port’s Muelle Norte terminal.

Enapu’s operations at Muelle Norte will face competition from the […]