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Dines, Drummond say final goodbye on board that governs Long Beach port




Long Beach City Council confirms Harbor Commission reappointments

From a Port of Long Beach news release:

The Long Beach City Council on Tuesday confirmed the appointments of Long Beach City College executive Lou Anne Bynum and former City Councilman Doug Drummond to second terms on the Board of Harbor Commissioners.

Mayor Robert Garcia announced the reappointments last month. Both Bynum, the Harbor […]


Long Beach Harbor Commission elects officers

Lori Ann Farrell Harrison succeeds Doug Drummond as Commission President.

The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners elected Lori Ann Farrell Harrison as its new Board President on Monday.

The five-member Harbor Commission, which oversees the Port of Long Beach, also selected Lou Anne Bynum as Vice President and Tracy Egoscue as Secretary. The Commission […]


LA, Long Beach bring recovery plan to legislators, shippers

From the Journal of Commerce:

Port leaders — including Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka, Port of Long Beach Chief Executive Jon Slangerup and Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners President Doug Drummond — also stressed that they were taking responsibility for the months of congestion that brought terminals to near gridlock and […]


Port of Long Beach offers incentives to shippers

Port of Long Beach officials estimate a loss of $3.3 million to $4.9 million a year due to the dockage waiver program, but the measure is expected to attract additional cargo to Long Beach, and help to offset the costs with an increase in revenue from other fees.

In a statement announcing the incentives, Long […]


Cargo fee won’t be dropped at Port of Long Beach

Harbor leaders on Monday lacked the votes needed to repeal a long-postponed Infrastructure Cargo Fee to be charged to cargo owners beginning Jan. 1, 2014. The port has not determined the amount of the fee.

Commissioners Rich Dines and Doug Drummond opposed the repeal and instead suggested postponing the fee to 2016. While Dines doesn’t […]


Low-emissions program at Port of Long Beach could be a model

Port authorities are working with one of the harbor’s most innovative railroad and trucking companies to produce ground-breaking low-emission and zero-emission rigs and locomotives that may serve as a model for pollution reduction measures in and around San Pedro Bay.

From the Press-Telegram