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Port of Hueneme sees another record year

The Port of Hueneme realized its highest international trade year in its 77-year history and its second-highest year for domestic and international freight combined. The benchmark year included a 30% increase in auto exports. The total tonnage for FY 2013-2014 came in at a strong 1,438,596 metric tons representing a less than 1% decrease from […]


Port of Hueneme feels effect of sequestration as idling ships await inspectors

Shipping companies that use the Port of Hueneme scrambled for a fix Monday as U.S. Customs and Border Protection cutbacks held up cargo inspections, causing 103 paid dockworkers to sit waiting.

That change was felt Monday morning when an auto ship arrived at the port. Unloading was delayed 40 minutes because the ship got there […]


Former Del Monte ILWU workers win additional severance pay

Star-Bulletin archives from November 2006 show the news that pulled the rug out from under hundreds of ILWU workers who had believed repeated assurances from Del Monte that their jobs were secure until 2008.

The Hawaii Supreme Court affirmed an Intermediate Court of Appeals ruling in favor of former workers of Del Monte Fresh Produce […]


Down to Business for ILA, USMX

Excerpts from the Journal of Commerce Magazine:

James Capo has been working for months to calm shippers’ concerns about the impending East and Gulf Coast longshore labor negotiations. The chairman and CEO of United States Maritime Alliance emphasizes that bargaining “is a process … You have to give it time.”

That process will begin this […]


NYSA-ILA Case Goes to Arbitration

‘Del Monte Ruined my Christmas’ sign

A multimillion-dollar damage lawsuit against the International Longshoremen’s Association for an illegal work stoppage at the Port of New York and New Jersey has been dismissed and the dispute sent to binding arbitration.

The New York Shipping Association filed the lawsuit after the ILA halted work at the […]


Strike Is Possible, ILA’s Daggett Warns

Excerpts from the Journal of Commerce:

International Longshoremen’s Association President Harold Daggett warned of a possible ILA strike if the union can’t secure acceptable terms in a new contract.

“I’m not threatening to strike, but you’ve got four hurdles to jump over,” Daggett told an audience at The Journal of Commerce’s 12th Annual Trans-Pacific […]


Abuses Denounced in Costa Rican Pineapple Farms

Costa Rica is the main supplier of the fruit to the United States and the EU, but it suffers strong criticism for the poor labor conditions and exploitation.

Costa Rica opposition Congressmen denounced the violation of worker’s rights and environmental regulations in pineapple farms by transnational companies through government indifference, saying, “They harass those […]


Teamsters block trucking company’s loads at the Port of Hueneme

Oct. 31: Union members at the Port of Hueneme picketed Monday and refused to load produce onto trucks owned by a company they said fired 10 drivers who tried to organize.

“They’ll have to go to a different trucking company to do their work,” said Dennis Shaw, contract administrator for the Teamsters Local Union No. […]


ILA Continues Fight With Del Monte

Supporters of ILA have created a "Boycott Del Monte" poster to support the longshore workers in Philadelphia. Click on the image for more information.

The International Longshoremen’s Association is still smarting over the 200 jobs it lost in Philadelphia last year when Fresh Del Monte shifted its fruit imports to a terminal that […]


ILA Calls Off NY-NJ Strike Threat

Harold Daggett said the threatened strike was averted when Metropolitan Marine Maintenance Contractors Association agreed to sign off on language in a contract reached in December covering ILA maintenance and repair workers in Local 1804-1 and Brooklyn-based Local 1814.

The Metro association had balked at accepting new contract language, which stated “all equipment (containers/chassis) must […]


Dole considers move to Port of Hueneme

Dole in San Diego

Dole Food Company is reportedly considering moving its US shipping operations to the Port of Hueneme when its lease at the Port of San Diego expires in December 2012.

The fresh fruit company is in negotiations with both ports, looking at the service and terms, as well as the physical […]


The fight for union autonomy and workers’ rights in Latin America

Coast Longshore Division supports dockworkers and their unions

Published in the Coast Longshore Division Newsletter, Winter 2010 issue.

In the past year, the Coast Committee has become increasingly involved in regional solidarity through direct support of dockworkers in Latin America. Latin American dockworkers are seeing the social contracts that they have with their governments systematically […]


Costa Rica: Ministerio de trabajo buscará acuerdo para evitar huelga en Limón

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A strike would cripple the highway between Limón, on the Caribbean Coast, and the capital of San José.

El Ministerio de Trabajo será sede de la reunión que sostendrán sindicalistas limonenses, gobierno y representantes de la transnacional Del Monte.

Hoy a partir de las […]


Del Monte continúa contaminación de aguas [Del Monte contaminates water]

[English summary: Costa Ricans say that Del Monte is failing to protect their drinking water from contaminants used in the company’s large-scale production of pineapple, which has seen an exponential increase in Costa Rica over the past 10 years. Lab results show that rural drinking water is contaminated with chemicals such as diuron, bromacil and […]


Denver City Council members support Philadelphia Longshoremen

Denver City Councilman Paul Lopez met a delegation of ILA supporters outside in 28-degree weather recently and stated, “It’s a cold day and a cold night but this is an action of solidarity. We are here because what Del Monte is doing is undermining the fundamental pillars of the work force in America. They are […]