The articles excerpted on this site report on the state of the industry as seen by mainstream media, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the officers of the ILWU Coast Longshore Division.

Vintage Longshore pics featured in Bay Area art exhibit

From the San Jose Mercury News:

“Working Hands,” a photo exhibit that captures laborers at work, opens Saturday in Hayward.

The exhibit features photographs of Oakland longshoremen on the waterfront by Frank Silva and images of farm laborers and workers at a recycling plant by David Bacon.

There will be a free public reception […]


To raise wages in Panama, dockers join a U.S. union

By David Bacon, in the Dispatcher and David Bacon Reality Check blog:

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA (4/2/15) — You see a lot of parked taxis in the parking lot at the Panama Ports terminal here. They’re not waiting to give rides to longshoremen. Dockworkers themselves are the drivers. Longshore wages in Panama are so low that […]


North Carolina's tobacco workers stand to benefit from state's strong farmworker union

Labor author and photographer David Bacon wrotes at TruthOut.org:

David Bacon

North Carolina has one of the lowest percentages of union members in the country. Yet in this non-union bastion, thousands of farm workers, some of the country’s least unionized workers, belong to the Farm Labor Organizing Committee. That gives the state a greater […]


David Bacon: Farm Bill and subsidies to grain corporations displace Mexican farmers and fuel immigration

Photo by David Bacon

In this video, called ” How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants,” writer and photographer David Bacon shows haunting conditions immigrant workers face in this 2009 lecture that’s still relevant today. Among the causes is the subsidizing of large grain corporations like Archer Daniels Midland, which undermines Mexican farmers’ […]


Mexico's labor law reform sparks massive protests

Economics students at the National Autonomous University of Mexico march from the Plaza of Three Cultures to the Zocalo to protest a proposed labor law reform and to mark the anniversary of the October 2, 1968 massacre. From In These Times.

Labor writer and photographer David Bacon wrote the following article for In These […]


Workers protest misery at Oakland Subway, and get fired

Another good piece from author and photographer David Bacon in Working In These Times:

Oakland is supposed to be a union town, but out at the Oakland airport, workers say they’re getting fired for trying to join one. The airport is administered by the Oakland Port Commission, whose members, appointed by the Mayor, are mostly […]


3,000 San Francisco janitors prepare for a strike

From respected writer and photographer David Bacon:

Janitors March and Threaten to Strike

The national confrontation between janitors and some of the world’s richest property owners has arrived San Francisco, where on Wednesday over two thousand building cleaners shut down the city’s main artery, Market Street, in a huge march. Later twenty-seven workers and supporters […]


Increasing Reliance on Guest Worker Programs

Excerpts from a David Bacon article called “Displaced, Unequal and Criminalized – Fighting for the Rights of Migrants in the United States:”

The Department of Homeland Security workplace enforcement wave is focusing, not on low-wage employers, but on high-wage, and often unionized ones. There is a long history of anti-union animus among immigration authorities. Agents […]


Occupy Oakland encampment creates a community

Grassroots people and political activists create a community of tents, music, children, food and other activity in Frank Ogawa Plaza in front of City Hall, which they’ve renamed Oscar Grant Plaza. They are preparing to organize a general strike for Wednesday, November 2.

Scott Hopkins is a professor at California State University East […]