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North Carolina's tobacco workers stand to benefit from state's strong farmworker union

Labor author and photographer David Bacon wrotes at TruthOut.org:

David Bacon

North Carolina has one of the lowest percentages of union members in the country. Yet in this non-union bastion, thousands of farm workers, some of the country’s least unionized workers, belong to the Farm Labor Organizing Committee. That gives the state a greater […]


Union leader Ronaldo Blear: ‘We feel ambushed’

Ronaldo Blear was overwhelmingly reelected as Secretary General of the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union after the Costa Rican government helped install a sham leadership last year.

[NOTE: The following excerpt is from an interview between Costa Rica’s Tico Times and Ronaldo Blear, the recently reelected leader of the SINTRAJAP dockworkers union. The ILWU Coast […]


The fight for union autonomy and workers’ rights in Latin America

Coast Longshore Division supports dockworkers and their unions

Published in the Coast Longshore Division Newsletter, Winter 2010 issue.

In the past year, the Coast Committee has become increasingly involved in regional solidarity through direct support of dockworkers in Latin America. Latin American dockworkers are seeing the social contracts that they have with their governments systematically […]


International labor union applauds court decision to restore longshore leaders

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Coast Longshore Division had condemned the Costa Rican government for disrupting democratic processes relating to leadership of Sintrajap.

The ILWU’s charges were made in regard to a process earlier this year whereby Sintrajap’s leadership was replaced by a vote of the union’s assembly. The union’s new leadership accepted […]


Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court Restores Limón Port Union Leaders

The ILWU Coast Longshore Division published ads in Costa Rican newspapers supporting the democratically elected union leaders.

The ouster of democratically elected leaders of the SINTRAJAP union prompted the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s (ILWU’s) Coast Longshore Division to charge Costa Rica with “serious and repeated failures by the government of Costa Rica to […]


US Secretary of Labor announces labor consultations with Guatemala under CAFTA-DR agreement

A memorial to a Guatemalan dockworker who was killed for union activities in 2007. Labor abuses are not limited to Guatemala: The ILWU Coast Longshore Division recently filed a complaint under the CAFTA-DR free trade agreement against the government of Costa Rica for failing to enforce its own labor laws.

U.S. Secretary of Labor […]


ILWU presenta demanda contra el gobierno de Costa Rica

El IDC (Consejo Internacional de Trabajadores) es una asociación formada por organizaciones de trabajadores portuarios de todo el mundo.

[This Spanish article is based on a news release that can also be read in English.]

La ILWU, sindicato afiliado a IDC y que representa a 25.000 trabajadores portuarios en la Costa Oeste de Estados […]


ILWU demanda al gobierno costarricense por violaciones sistemáticas de los derechos laborales

Los trabajadores portuarios de SINTRAJAP

“Los estadounidenses quieren creer que Costa Rica es un paraíso,” dijo Robert McEllrath, Presidente Internacional de ILWU. “Pero Costa Rica se está transformando en un país en el que la policía rompe ventanas y puertas en los locales donde los trabajadores realizan asambleas pacíficas, en el que el gobierno […]


Estibadores de Estados Unidos interceden por sindicatos ticos

Reclaman supuestas violaciones a TLC

Un reclamo por “graves violaciones” a leyes laborales presentó un sindicato de estibadores de EE. UU. contra el Estado de Costa Rica, en el marco del Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con aquel país.

La gestión se hizo el 20 de julio en representación de Sintrajap (Sindicato de Trabajadores de […]


Union Charges Costa Rica with CAFTA Violations

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union filed a formal complaint against the government of Costa Rica under the Central American Free Trade Agreement, charging that Costa Rica is not enforcing its own labor laws.

The ILWU charges that the Costa Rican government has removed democratically-elected union leaders and replaced them with a government-backed, employer-run board […]


ILWU Files CAFTA Complaint Against the Costa Rican Government

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 22, 2010 CONTACT: Jennifer Sargent, 503-703-2933

Costa Rica’s public employees and dockworkers unions join ILWU in complaint; American longshore workers and Costa Rican longshore workers share many of the same employers.

In May, 60 Costa Rican police officers broke down the doors of the SINTRAJAP union hall. The ILWU […]


ILWU presenta demanda contra el gobierno costarricense por violaciones sistemáticas de los derechos laborales

PARA DIFUSIÓN INMEDIATA: 21 de julio de 2010 CONTACTO: Jennifer Sargent, 503 703 2933

La Fuerza Pública se ve armada fuera de la oficina de SINTRAJAP en mayo.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – El sindicato que representa a 25,000 trabajadores portuarios del Litoral del Pacífico de EE.UU. ha presentado formalmente una reclamación contra el gobierno […]


ILWU President urges Peru: Make DP World respect international labor laws

Peru Congressman Luis Negreiros (center), a lifelong longshore worker, with ILWU Coast Committeemen Leal Sundet and Ray Ortiz, Jr.

Coast Committeemen Ray Ortiz, Jr. and Leal Sundet recently met with Peruvian Congressman and lifelong dockworker Luis Negreiros to discuss the ongoing attack on longshore union rights in Peru. Ortiz, Sundet and Negreiros had frank […]