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Maritime Museum video ‘honors Dickie Parker, John Knudsen, all longshoremen who have lost their lives’

‘Maritime Minute: History of the ILWU’ was created by the Los Angeles Maritime Museum and posted by the Port of Los Angeles on July 5, 2017:

Decades after the 1934 West Coast Waterfront strike, longshore workers are still an integral part of the Port of Los Angeles today as they were then. Marifrances […]


Longshoremen take a day to remember

Longshoremen march in a funeral procession for strikers killed by police officers, July 1934, San Francisco, CA. The event is commemorated every year in every West Coast port.

“An injury to one is an injury to all,” proclaims a sign at the headquarters of International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 12 near the North […]


West Coast Longshore Workers Remember ‘Bloody Thursday

Because the International Longshore and Warehouse Union invests resources in a variety of projects to keep labor history alive, many ILWU members understand the struggles and sacrifices that built their union.

Longshore workers have memorialized July 5, Bloody Thursday, as an official holiday in their contract. Each longshore local organizes events each year ranging from […]