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Fue asesinado el padre del líder portuario hondureño amenazado

[NOTE: Last week, Honduran dockworker union leader Victor Crespo’s father was murdered following threats by anti-union forces. Click here to read this news in English at the International Transport Workers’ Federation web site.]

Con gran pesar, la Federación Internacional de Trabajadores del Transporte (ITF) comunica que el padre de Víctor Crespo (el dirigente sindical hondureño […]


Union leader’s dad murdered in place of son

[NOTE: Honduran union leader Victor Crespo has been threatened for trying to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with ICTSI, the same terminal operator that took over operations at the Port of Portland’s Terminal 6 in 2010.]

From Morning Star Online:

Killing payback for port collective bargain fight

The father of Honduran trade union leader Victor […]


Father of threatened dockers’ leader murdered

Victor Manuel Crespo Puerto before the attack

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is sad to announce that the father of Victor Crespo – the Honduran trade union leader threatened with death for his work in Puerto Cortés – has died following an attack on him and other family members by an armed assailant who […]


Threatened Honduran union leader from ICTSI terminal moved to safe country

Victor Crespo

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) today confirmed that Honduran Victor Crespo has been moved out of Honduras to assure his safety, and that it has secured promises of action from the country’s Minister of Labour.

On 14 September three armed attackers tried to force entry to the home in Puerto Cortés of […]


Murderous Attack on Honduran Dock Union Boss as Negotiations at ICTSI Container Terminal Under Way

From the Handy Shipping Guide:

Neighbours Cause Perpetrators to Flee as Victim Moved to Secure Location

HONDURAS – A most disturbing report has reached us of an attack made on a dockers trade union boss last week when several armed assailants tried to batter their way into the man’s home in a murderous attack, evidently […]


ITF to ICTSI: End the threats and violence against union workers

The following letter was sent to ICTSI CEO Enrique Razon and several ICTSI executives on Sept. 20, 2013.

[UPDATE: Four months later, in January 2014, the father of Victor Crespo was murdered near his home.]

Mr Enrique K Razon Jr President ICTSI Manila Head Office ICTSI Administration Building Manila International Container Terminal MICT […]


Peru dockers win historic agreement

In this video, Peruvian dockworker union secretary-treasurer Wilmer Esteves Morales tells ITF delegates of the struggles his fellow dockworkers went through to regain their collective bargaining rights: strikes lasting more than 20 days, police repression, militarization of the docks in Callao, and more.

Dockers in Peru have won a ground-breaking settlement bringing to an […]