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Southern California was shut out of freight, road grants; local members of Congress are furious

From the Press-Telegram:

”Los Angeles is home to the busiest port complex in our nation and the region is responsible for moving 40 percent of the nation’s cargo trade,” wrote Congresswoman Janice Hahn. ”It is where the freight network begins and ends and should have been an obvious choice for a grant.”

Local lawmakers are […]


DOT supports Jones Act, LNG ships remain absent from U.S.-flag fleet

The Department of Transportation (DOT) fiercely supports the Jones Act, Transportation Secretary Anthony R. Foxx told an audience at the Second Maritime Strategy Symposium May 6.

The Jones Act requires goods and passengers traveling by water between U.S. ports be transported in U.S.-made ships, owned by U.S. citizens and crewed by U.S. citizens. There currently […]


Obama backs US ports for expanded Panama Canal

Obama said he had acted in Congress last year to speed up on the process of new port projects, especially in the Gulf of Mexico.

US President Barack Obama says the country’s ports will have to ready to handle larger vessels that will transit the expanded Panama Canal or risk losing business.

President Obama was […]