The articles excerpted on this site report on the state of the industry as seen by mainstream media, and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the officers of the ILWU Coast Longshore Division.

Presidenta Chinchilla Urged To Scrap Fiscal Plan

The Costa Rican President, Laura Chinchilla, should give up the fiscal reform now under consideration at the Legislative Assembly, said the general secretary of the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados (ANEP), Albino Vargas.

For the leader of the National Association of Public and Private Employees, this would be the most correct attitude after […]


Panamá: La represión a los pueblos originarios debe parar

This week’s blockade to prevent corporate mining on indigenous lands in Panama.

English summary: The Association of Public and Private Employees (ANEP) in Costa Rica sent this news release to the ILWU Coast Longshore Division. It says that the Panamanian police and military have killed three people and injured dozens since the beginning of […]


ILWU Opposes Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement

Despite potential increases in cargo movement benefiting dockworkers, union opposes proposed Korea-United States trade agreement because it continues failed trade policy and is harmful to workers, consumers, and the environment in both South Korea and the United States

December 13, 2010

VIA FACSIMILE: 202-225-4188 (and First Class Mail)

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi United States House […]


Four in ten employers in Costa Rica don’t pay minimum wage

Costa Rica’s Ministerio de Trabajo (Labour Ministry) reports that four out of every ten employers it has inspected pay their employees salaries below minimum wage.

The Ministra de Trabajo, Sandra Piszk, said that the inspections are part of the government’s “Campaña Nacional de Salarios Mínimo” (national campaign on minimum salaries).

Édgar Morales, secretary of the […]


ANEP Accuses Agromonte of Child Exploitation in Costa Rica's Pineapple Fields

Pineapple production shifted from Hawai'i to Costa Rica in recent years.

The Pineapple industry was struck another blow yesterday when the Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados (ANEP) – National Association of Public and Private Employees union of Costa Rica filed complaints against Agromonte, (an agricultural company that works in pineapple plantations). Chiquita […]


ANEP denuncia trabajo infantil y despidos antisindicales en piñera Agromonte S.A.

This image from Agricola's web site shows CMA CGM at the pineapple warehouse.

English Summary: Costa Rica’s National Association of Public and Private Employees, ANEP, denounced on Monday, October 11, at the Office for Monitoring and Eradication of Child Labor and Protection of Young Workers (OATIA) and the Ministry of Labour […]


International labor union applauds court decision to restore longshore leaders

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Coast Longshore Division had condemned the Costa Rican government for disrupting democratic processes relating to leadership of Sintrajap.

The ILWU’s charges were made in regard to a process earlier this year whereby Sintrajap’s leadership was replaced by a vote of the union’s assembly. The union’s new leadership accepted […]


Apoyo legislativo a Sintrajap en Costa Rica

[English summary: Costa Rican union leaders join elected members of parliament to denounce the crooked way in which the government helped overthrow elected longshore union leaders in January in order to force privatization of the ports of Limón and Moín. Last week the rightfully elected leaders were reinstated by Costa Rica’s high court, […]


Costa Rican Court Rejects Illegal Coup of Longshore Union

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 26, 2010 CONTACT: Jennifer Sargent, 503-703-2933

ILWU President calls high court’s order ‘an important step forward in the never-ending battle to protect workers’ rights

Ronaldo Blear, General Secretary of SINTRAJAP

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 26, 2010) — Costa Rican longshore workers are celebrating yesterday’s ruling in their country’s Constitutional Court […]


Muelles del Caribe de Costa Rica en manos privadas serán menos competitivos

[English Summary: The title, “Caribbean Coast Ports would be less competetive in private hands” is well supported in this article from El Pais, a national Costa Rican newspaper. The labor coalition ANEP (the National Association of Public and Private Employees) has uncovered government documents revealing that privatization of the ports of Limón and Moín would […]


ANEP pide explicaciones a Ministro de Transportes: Preocupa que concesión portuaria eleve tarifas en Limón

[English summary: The national coalition of Costa Rican labor unions, ANEP, is demanding that the Transport Minister open documents that reveal a spike in container fees from the current $98 under public ownership to $264-$302 in private hands. ANEP says that “the loss of competitiveness will be dangerous to the national economy.”]



Estibadores de Estados Unidos interceden por sindicatos ticos

Reclaman supuestas violaciones a TLC

Un reclamo por “graves violaciones” a leyes laborales presentó un sindicato de estibadores de EE. UU. contra el Estado de Costa Rica, en el marco del Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con aquel país.

La gestión se hizo el 20 de julio en representación de Sintrajap (Sindicato de Trabajadores de […]


Union Charges Costa Rica with CAFTA Violations

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union filed a formal complaint against the government of Costa Rica under the Central American Free Trade Agreement, charging that Costa Rica is not enforcing its own labor laws.

The ILWU charges that the Costa Rican government has removed democratically-elected union leaders and replaced them with a government-backed, employer-run board […]


ILWU Files CAFTA Complaint Against the Costa Rican Government

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 22, 2010 CONTACT: Jennifer Sargent, 503-703-2933

Costa Rica’s public employees and dockworkers unions join ILWU in complaint; American longshore workers and Costa Rican longshore workers share many of the same employers.

In May, 60 Costa Rican police officers broke down the doors of the SINTRAJAP union hall. The ILWU […]


ILWU presenta demanda contra el gobierno costarricense por violaciones sistemáticas de los derechos laborales

PARA DIFUSIÓN INMEDIATA: 21 de julio de 2010 CONTACTO: Jennifer Sargent, 503 703 2933

La Fuerza Pública se ve armada fuera de la oficina de SINTRAJAP en mayo.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – El sindicato que representa a 25,000 trabajadores portuarios del Litoral del Pacífico de EE.UU. ha presentado formalmente una reclamación contra el gobierno […]