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Seattle, Tacoma ports will survive Panama Canal widening, USDOT boss says

Rather than pit regions against each other, U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell predicts USDOT would endorse projects aiding West Coast ports to increase their Asian trade, while competing against Canada and Mexico.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood chose Seattle’s Harbor Island on Thursday morning to announce creation of a Freight Policy Council. His goal is […]


How corporate agribusiness supplies the lion's share of US food aid

Development charities have been concerned for some time that corporate agribusiness supplies the lion’s share of the contracted food aid and the Guardian investigation bears this out.

It is not surprising ADM, Cargill and Bunge dominate food aid, since they dominate global grain trade too. They are also powerful political players; in the first […]


Maersk Gains From U.S. Military’s $11.5 Billion War Shipments

The Department of Defense is increasingly shipping war supplies on commercial lines. Since 2001, companies such as Maersk and Neptune Orient Lines Ltd. (NOL) have been awarded at least $11.5 billion in defense contracts and have handled more than 90 percent of all military cargo to and from Iraq and Afghanistan. Beaumont, Texas, is […]


Follow the Money: The Cost of the War on Terror

Broken down individually, the government has spent $806 billion for Iraq, $444 billion for Afghanistan, $29 billion for enhanced security and $6 billion on “unallocated” items. The vast majority of all the money appropriated has gone to the Department of Defense. … Only $8 billion (or 1 percent) went to veterans’ care, via the […]


Study says US wasted billions in Iraq, Afghanistan

Security contractor in Iraq

Corruption and waste has cost the US government billions of reconstruction dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an official study on wartime contracting released on Thursday.

The report found that “criminal behavior and blatant corruption” were responsible for much of the waste related to the nearly $200 billion spent […]