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Grain Negotiation Updates

The men and women of ILWU Locals 4, 8, 19, 21 and 23 have exported grain in the Pacific Northwest since the 1930′s. They are currently in collective bargaining negotiations with the multinational employers who own the terminals. Stay tuned for grain updates from the ILWU Coast Longshore Division, and see the news updates below.

Father Jeremy Lucas supports ILWU Local 4 at Mitsui-UGC

From the Columbian: Father Jeremy Lucas said he doesn’t hate the people who run United Grain but that he feels sorry and pity for them. ”Hate gets us nowhere,” he said. Lucas also called on the Port of Vancouver and on the city of Vancouver to repent their sins, including the city’s sin of choosing to send the police ”which you all pay the salaries of to harass you.” (Troy Wayrynen/The Columbian)

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