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El Faro search ends without data recorder from cargo ship

The NTSB said Monday it is ending its search and documentation of El Faro, the cargo ship that sunk October 1 near the Bahamas, likely claiming the lives of all 33 on board.

The National Transportation Safety Board did not locate the ship’s data recorder, a critical part of the investigation into why she ship [...]


Container ship MSC Gemma damaged after collision in Antwerp

MSC Gemma, in a 2010 photo

The container ship MSC Gemma collided with fenders at Zandvliet Lock in Antwerp, Belgium. The accident happened during entering into the lock with assistance of two tug, but presuming at too high speed.

According to the local authorities the container ship MSC Gemma was drifted by the strong [...]


Chinese junior officer dies on board cargo ship on way to Newcastle, Australia; ITF investigating

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) is investigating how a Chinese junior officer died on board a cargo ship, just before it arrived in the Port of Newcastle.

The Marshall Islands ‘flag of convenience’ bulk carrier Yangtze Oasis arrived on Friday, October 30 in Newcastle, Australia.

The union’s national co-ordinator Dean Summers said the young [...]


Politicians introduce more misguided legislation, fail to address root causes of congestion

Just hours after two misguided amendments were defeated in the House of Representatives, opportunistic politicians proposed yet another piece of legislation that fails to address the root causes of congestion. From an article titled ‘Feds more likely to intervene in future port slowdowns under proposed bill’ in The Oregonian:

Instead of leaving it to [...]


Flags of convenience: After Longshoreman's 2012 death, ship owners evade responsibility

From the Tampa Bay Times:

In addition to being a longshoreman, Hercules Gilmore, Jr. was also a respected pastor.

From nearly the day longshoreman Hercules Gilmore Jr. died in its cargo hold, the Panamanian-flagged Honesty Ocean has proven more phantom than ship.

On Oct. 23, 2012, Gilmore stood on the deck of the 609-foot-long vessel [...]


$325B Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act likely to pass House

The American Society of Civil Engineers’s most recent infrastructure report card included a C+ grade for United States’ bridges, and D’s for roads and transit.

It’s been 10 years since Congress has passed a new law to fund the country’s bridges, highways and roads. Instead, lawmakers have just been extending the old plan time and [...]


Carriers, shippers team up to prepare for new container weight rules

From the Journal of Commerce:

Container lines, U.S. shippers and logistics providers are coming together to figure out the best way to prepare for the July 1 start of new global regulations requiring the weighing of containers before they are allowed to be loaded onto a ship.

The Agriculture Transportation Coalition and the Transpacific Stabilization [...]


El Faro wreckage located

Excerpts from a report titled ”Wreckage East of Bahamas Is Sunken Cargo Ship El Faro, NTSB Confirms” at NBC:

Wreckage found at the bottom of the ocean over the weekend is the sunken cargo ship El Faro, the National Transportation Safety Board confirmed Monday.

The wreckage was found Saturday in 15,000 feet of water east [...]


'Biggest fear' realized when container falls from truck on SoCal highway, killing longshoreman

Our profound condolences go out to Brother Castorena’s family, friends and union brothers and sisters on the docks.

From a news segment called ”Authorities Probe How Big Rig Container Became Loose, Crushed Cyclist To Death”:

An investigation was underway Wednesday into how a big rig’s container struck a railroad bridge in Carson, knocking [...]


Bulk carrier Los Llanitos grounded by hurricane north of Manzanillo, Mexico

Bulk carrier Los Llanitos grounded by Hurricane Patricia off the Mexican Coast. Photo: fleetmon.com

From Vessel Finder:

On Saturday, October 24, the bulk carrier LOS LLANITOS ran aground on rocks near Punta Graham, Barra de Navidad, some 25 nautical miles north of Manzanillo, Mexico, Pacific coast.

The ship was pushed aground by Hurricane Patricia. [...]


Patricia will damage 30% of the port of Manzanillo, predict authorities

Our thoughts are with the people of Mexico as they face this horrendous storm.

Translated from an article in El Financiero:

Because of the magnitude of Hurricane Patricia, at least 30 percent of the port of Manzanillo, Colima, will be damaged, estimated harbormaster Jaime Peña.

“The most vulnerable areas are the entrance where Pemex [...]


American shipyards hit out at critics of the Jones Act

American shipyards have issued a fierce rebuttal of repeated links between the Jones Act and the sinking of the 40-year-old El Faro containership at the beginning of October.

“To imply that vessels that do not have to comply with rigorous US safety standards are safe than those that do defies common sense,” said Matthew Paxton, [...]


El Faro reported ‘hull breach’ before sinking in hurricane

The captain of the U.S. cargo ship El Faro reported “a hull breach” and said a hatch had blown open before the vessel sank off the Bahamas in a hurricane earlier this month, the National Transportation Safety Board said on Tuesday.

In a recorded satellite phone call Captain Michael Davidson told the ship’s owner he [...]


Relax on health and safety in ports? Not a chance

From an opinion piece on Port Stratego by Paddy Crumlin, president of the International Transport Workers’ Federation and the chair of its dockers’ section:

‘Having a policy typed up and laminated in your company offices doesn’t make its application a reality. Genuinely high standards of health and safety are about constant vigilance and [...]


Firefighters: Oil train terminal would put too many lives at risk

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If Washington Governor Jay Inslee approves a controversial oil train terminal in Vancouver, firefighters say a disaster would be a catastrophic.

They didn’t beat around the bush Tuesday in front of Port of [...]