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Japan says Trans-Pacific Partnership regional free trade talks agree broadly on labour, health issues

Pacific trade talks have reached broad agreement on labour issues and sanitary and phytosanitary standards but some difficult aspects remain to be tackled, Japan’s chief negotiator said on Saturday.

Chief Japanese negotiator Koji Tsuruoka said the 12 member nations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) made progress at talks in Ottawa but there was no discussion [...]


Citizens’ group concerned about secrecy around Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks in Ottawa

The Council of Canadians, a concerned citizens’ group, is sounding the alarm over what it says is too much government secrecy on a round of Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks currently being held in Ottawa.

Trade officials from the 12 TPP countries are meeting behind closed doors in Ottawa from July 3-12. It’s believed at least [...]


Canadian truckers slam increasing U.S. border fees

Canadian truckers have blasted a U.S. proposal that would greatly hike some fees at the border.

The fleet group, the Canadian Trucking Alliance, says it strongly objects to a proposal from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to substantially raise the Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service fees.

In filing comments in response to the USDA’s [...]


Trans-Pacific Partnership talks resume next week in Canada

Twelve country officials involved in the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations plan to meet in Ottawa from July 3 to 12 to iron out outstanding issues like tariffs and intellectual property rights.

The 12 countries, including Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the U.S. and Vietnam, initially sought to meet in [...]


Obama promises Trans Pacific Partnership text

The text of the Trans Pacific Partnership remains secret at the moment, but President Barack Obama intends to present it to the public in November.

According to Reuters, POTUS’ remarks were made on Friday after discussing the timeline with New Zealand prime minister John Key during a visit to Washington.

President Obama is planning a [...]


Obama and Trade: Recipe for Ripoffs

”Why is WikiLeaks rooting around for these documents and releasing them to the public? The pacts will require Senate approval, yet lawmakers have had to beg for any details about them. Based on leaks, other big concerns center around health issues. For example, some provisions would block government policies that discourage smoking. There are [...]


WA legislators call to broaden scope of Grays Harbor terminals review

The Westway and Imperium expansion projects that are proposed to bulk up storage and rail capacity at Port of Grays Harbor in Hoquiam to handle a flux of crude oil have some Washington legislators saying pump the brakes.

Seven members of the Washington State legislature issued a letter to Imperium and Westway and ICF International.



Trident Alliance on Track for launch

Trident Alliance, the shipping industry initiative for enforcement of maritime sulphur regulations, is on track for launch after its exploratory meeting in Copenhagen last week.

At a full-day meeting on May 28, hosted by Maersk Maritime Technology and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) in Copenhagen, representatives from a dozen shipping companies, including some of the world’s [...]


Reuters: Maersk, MSC, others in talks to end EU antitrust probe

The world’s two biggest container shipping companies, AP Moeller-Maersk and Mediterranean Shipping Company, are seeking to end a European Union antitrust probe without paying any fines, three people with knowledge of the case said on Tuesday.

The European Commission said in November last year that the companies and some of their rivals might have been [...]


US climbdown on container scanning?

The US government had planned to have systems in place capable of scanning every container entering US ports – about 11.6m teu per year – by 2012, but this was again delayed by two years due to gaps in the logistics chain.

Few in the industry are surprised to hear that the US may have [...]


Ag tells White House to approve TPP without Japan

Japan has repeatedly said it will not eliminate tariffs on agricultural goods it considers “sacred” – dairy, rice, sugar, beef, pork, wheat and barley. The U.S. groups said Japan is demanding special treatment.

Frustrated with Japan’s unwillingness to strike a deal on U.S. ag imports under the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), several U.S. ag groups [...]


Safety code rejection angers dock union

The death of Anthony Attard, father-of-three, followed a recent run of accidents seriously injuring other waterside workers and sparked renewed calls for the tougher safety laws to be introduced.

Dock workers have launched a fierce attack on industry bosses for trashing a proposed safety code just eight days after an employee was crushed to death [...]


US lawmakers push for tough labor rules in Pacific trade deal

U.S. trade negotiators must insist on tough standards on human and workers’ rights in a Pacific trade deal spanning 12 countries, more than 150 Democratic lawmakers said in a letter to the Obama administration on Thursday.

The lawmakers, who make up three-quarters of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, urged U.S. Trade Representative Michael [...]


WRRDA’s promised funding for US ports isn’t guaranteed

Congressional appropriators, or those with the purse strings, aren’t bound to follow the guidance set forth by the Water Resources Reform Development Act, which President Barack Obama is expected to soon sign into law.

Just because Congress promises to send hundreds of millions of dollars more annually to U.S. ports and more fairly distribute the [...]


IAPH welcomes IMO container weighing move

Maersk created this graphic on the potential catastrophe created by improper weight distribution on a Triple-E ship. IAHP reports that ‘incorrectly declared container weights are one of the major causes of maritime container accidents in ship navigation, road transportation and terminal operation.’

The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) has welcomed the IMO’s Maritime [...]