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Unions 'disagree with the President' on Trans Pacific Partnership

ILWU Local 32 members handle Boeing parts at the Port of Everett, WA.

From KING 5:

Dennis Kronewitter works on the Boeing Field flight line and is one of many who opposes the TPP.

At a meeting of the Machinists Union District 75, Kronewitter was getting 737s ready for delivery. Business these days has [...]


Hutchison Ports Australia and the MUA extend negotiations on workers sacked by email

Hutchison Ports Australia (HPA) has signed a new agreement with the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) to extend until November negotiations over the sacking of 97 port workers by text message and email in August.

According to the parties’ new agreement, negotiations will be extended until November 16 under the auspices of Anna Booth, deputy [...]


Guatemalan union activist murdered in front of his home

Prensa Libre shows people gathering at the scene of the murder of Guatemalan union activist Mynor Rolando Ramos Castillo, the sixth member of his union to be assassinated.

Mynor Rolando Ramos Castillo, a municipal worker in Jalapa, a city in southeast Guatemala, was shot and killed in front of his home over the weekend. [...]


U.S. leads Pacific Rim to historic TPP trade pact as critics line up

The U.S. brokered a historic accord Monday to ease trade in goods and services among a dozen Pacific-rim nations that make up about 40 percent of the world economy.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, five years in the making, will now be subject to months of scrutiny by lawmakers that could yet derail it. Critics on both [...]


Judge’s ruling on labor actions doesn’t silence union-port war of words

Although very little work is happening at Terminal 6 at the Port of Portland, its operator and the union representing the workers there are continuing to spar.

On Wednesday, ICTSI Oregon, which operates the container terminal, issued a press released trumpeting a National Labor Relations Board ruling affirming an administrative law judge’s ruling that ILWU [...]


Leadership changes could mean end of controversial TPP

Excerpts from a Salon piece titled ‘The unexpected upshot of John Boehner’s ouster: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is in danger’:

Without a liberated John Boehner around to partner with Democrats, the task of shepherding through a trade agreement disliked by conservatives becomes difficult. After a potential blitz of legislation in October, right-wing House members will be [...]


Striking warehouse staff call on Amazon for better pay and conditions

Staff at a major Los Angeles warehouse serving Amazon and other big retailers went on strike Tuesday, protesting unpaid wages and overtime, dangerous conditions, a lack of breaks and water during hot summer months, and retaliation by management against their organizing efforts. The strike continued on Wednesday.

The stoppage is the latest tactic in [...]


Finland strike ‘shuts down ports’

BBC photo of strike in Helsinki, Sept. 18, 2015

From the BBC:

A widespread anti-austerity strike in Finland has shut down ports and disrupted flights in the country, news agencies have reported.

Strikers are protesting against government cutbacks, including limits to benefits and overtime pay.

Last week, Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila announced plans [...]


Ports of Finland to begin strike on September 18

Vessel Finder reports that Marko Piirainen, head of the Transport Workers Union (AKT) commented that the country is going to ”virtually come to a standstill.” The strike will aim to achieve safeguarding entitlements to paid holidays, sick leave and overtime pay.

The three big Finnish trade union federations have planned taking on industrial action [...]


Ships’ crews allegedly denied food, water, wages as Australia faces test on flags of convenience

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government is attempting to dismantle the Coastal Trading Act, which dictates that ships trading between Australian ports must be crewed by Australian workers, or pay Australian award wages. ”Abbott has to ask himself whether he is okay with this, because this is what he is recommending for the domestic [...]


Millions strike in India over 'anti-labour' reforms

All India Trade Union Congress secretary Gurudas Dasgupta said the response had been ‘magnificent’ and estimated over 150 million workers participated in the strike. Major ports were shut down.

Millions of workers across India went on strike Wednesday in protest at planned labour law reforms, the biggest show of strength by trade unions since [...]


Global campaign launched to end sackings and union busting at Polish port

A global campaign is being launched in support of Maciek Konopka and his colleagues at Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT) Gdansk as union-busting activity by management reaches new heights.

Maciek Konopka has been sacked from his role at the terminal after 6 years of fixed term contracts, ostensibly because he is a visible and active [...]


Agreement with port management ends Mumbai hunger strike

A hunger strike at Gateway Terminals India (GTI) Mumbai that lasted for 17 days has come to an end after management of port operator APM Terminals (APMT) agreed to address union demands over a group of operations and maintenance staff, ITF said in its press release.

Following a summit between management and the union, [...]


Costa Rica unionists file criminal charges against lawmaker for calling them 'bums'

Note: Spanish-language media report that the word Solis used was ‘vagabundos.’

Solis allegedly made the remarks during a July 24th press conference, three days before planned strikes and demonstrations by unionists were to take place.

Unionists from the National Association of Public and Private Employees (ANEP) announced Monday that they have filed criminal charges against [...]


Sydney Hutchison workers return to work

Video and ad by 7News in Australia. Longshore and Shipping News does not advertise.

Sydney workers fired by Hutchison Ports via email a week ago have returned to work following an interim court injunction ruling that they cannot be sacked.

About 100 workers in Brisbane and Sydney were celebrating Thursday night’s [...]