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First ship plugged-in to new Port of Hueneme AMP system

The Port informs that it has conducted its first operational and safety vessel test of its recently installed Auxiliary Maritime Power (AMP) system. Port crews were on hand to view this first vessel ‘plug in’ by Hamburg Sud’s ‘M/V Cap Pasley’, carrying fresh fruit for Chiquita Brands of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Port of Hueneme [...]


Arctic shipping remains a distant dream for now, Canadian transport minister says

”And then there’s the frightening prospect of oil spills. ‘I can tell you — one oil spill or accident in the Arctic is one visual you do not want to have in this world at all,’ Raitt said.”

The centuries-old dream of shipping through the Northwest Passage will remain mostly illusory for the foreseeable [...]


Oregon says coal export project will need to lease more land

Developers of the Morrow Pacific coal export project on the Columbia River already have land leases with the Port of St. Helens and the Port of Morrow.

But according to the Oregon Department of State Lands, they’re going to need a couple more.

In a recent letter, DSL operations manager Lori Warner-Dickason told project developers [...]


Washington state, county order wide environmental review of Millennium coal project

State and county regulators announced Wednesday they will conduct a sweeping environmental study of the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals coal dock west of Longview. It will include the effects of train traffic from inland mines and greenhouse gas emissions from coal-burning power plants in Asia.

The decision is a victory for opponents of the $643 [...]


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is in trouble thanks to grassroots pressure

From the Washington Post:

Despite the fact that woefully little attention has been paid to the deal by mainstream news outlets, liberals, unions and tea party groups — which dubbed fast-track “Obamatrade” — have created a groundswell of grassroots opposition to the TPP that seems to have been heard by enough lawmakers in Washington [...]


There’s more behind Arctic shipping than climate change

Excerpts from the Globe and Mail:

Is there a strong relationship between sea ice loss and increased ship activity? Findings from the U of Ottawa study reveal that some relationship between sea ice reductions and shipping volume increases do exist, but the linkage was not as strong as might be expected. This suggests that other [...]


White House releases plan to make Arctic shipping safer

From the Chicago Tribune:

As Arctic ice melts away, opening the way for greater oil development and mining, the White House outlined a plan on Thursday to promote safety and security in the region by building ports, improving forecasts of sea ice, and developing shipping rules.

The White House plan was released on the same [...]


Expanding Arctic ocean to get its own shipping rules

Only 71 ships crossed the Northern Sea Route last year, compared to the 18,000 handled by the Suez Canal, but about a 1,000 vessels travelled into the high Arctic, with much of the growth coming from oil and gas activity, particularly in Russia. Click on the image to see the full-sized version.

Maritime nations [...]


Judge sides with port in environmental policy suit

A ruling on Friday from the Clark County Superior Court will allow the proposed oil export terminal at the Port of Vancouver to move forward in its environmental review process.

Judge David E. Gregerson today ruled that the port did not violate the state’s Environmental Policy Act when it approved a 42-acre lease for the [...]


Hoffa: ‘It’s Time to End the Secrecy Surrounding TPP’

Excerpts from an opinion piece by Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa:

The Teamsters, other unions and fair trade advocates have for years criticized a proposed Pacific Rim trade deal for its lack of transparency. Now trade officials with the 12 nations negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are paying the price for not having an [...]


Port of Vancouver oil terminal plan gets 31,000 comments

The state agency reviewing a proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver piled up more than 31,000 comments before Wednesday’s deadline passed.

The controversial oil-by-rail facility, proposed by Tesoro Corp. and Savage Companies, has taken on a higher profile than any project recently reviewed by the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council. … The plan [...]


Tschudi Shipping exploring possibility of Alaskan port

Alaska’s location has made it prominent in discussions about the development of Arctic shipping.

Tschudi Shipping is to explore the possibility of establishing a transshipment port in western Alaska, Lt Governor Mead Treadwell said.

Tschudi wants to establish a location to serve as an intermediate or transshipment site for goods and commodities shipped to [...]


Pentagon Releases Strategy for Arctic

As a shrinking northern ice cap sets the stage for increased competition over natural resources, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Friday released the Pentagon’s first “Arctic Strategy,” intended to safeguard American security interests and the region’s environment.

The Pentagon’s Arctic strategy places a priority on preparations to detect, deter, prevent and defeat threats to the [...]


Washington blocks permits for two Grays Harbor oil terminals

There are several places in the Northwest considering taking oil arriving by rail from North Dakota to be transported onto ships. Meanwhile, there’s talk in Congress about weakening rules against exporting American oil. Graphic by The Columbian.

Two oil-by-train terminals proposed for the Port of Grays Harbor on the Washington coast were dealt a set [...]


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA): When Foreign Investors Sue the State

From Global Research:

An American company Renco sued Peru for $800 million because its contract was not extended after the company’s operations caused massive environmental and health damage. This 200 photo shows children playing near the toxic site in play masks.

The investor-state dispute system, whereby foreign investors can sue the host-country government in an [...]