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Study finds that Port’s Terminal 6 will need to be multi-use to be viable

Excerpts from the Portland Business Journal:

Despite news in November that limited container service would be returning to Terminal 6 at the Port of Portland this year, revenue from other terminal activities will be required to support that service and make it viable.

So says a study from a consultant hired by the port to size up the terminal and the container service there.

“This analysis reinforced that there is no silver bullet for container service,” said Curtis Robinhold, the port’s executive director, in a release about the study. “With the strong backing of shippers, labor and businesses, I’m hopeful that we can continue to offer container service options for shippers at T-6, while ensuring long-term financial stability. We heard strong support from our partners in the shipping community that they are willing do to what it takes to help support container service at the terminal.”

According to the study, which was presented to the Port of Portland Commission today, T-6 will need to be a multi-use terminal that supports container service with revenues from other terminal activities. Two new shipping opportunities have been made available recently at the terminal, including a rail shuttle from T-6 to move containers to and from Puget Sound and Swire Shipping, which now calls on T-6 on a monthly basis with general cargo service to New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

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