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Prominent Australian union leader faces court after supporting MUA dockers at ICTSI terminal

Luke Hilakari is secretary of the Victorian Trades Hall Council. Photo: Pat Scala

Luke Hilakari, secretary of the Victorian Trades Hall Council, VICT to explain how it discovered his private address and why it served him at home on a Saturday afternoon rather than at his office at Trades Hall. Photo: Pat Scala

From a Sydney Morning Herald article titled ‘High-profile union leader faces court over waterfront blockade at Australia’s ICTSI terminal’:

One of Victoria’s most prominent union leaders has been hit with legal action over a two-week picket line blockading millions of dollars of pre-Christmas cargo on the Melbourne waterfront.

The dockside picket line, which received a mass show of support from several unions on Friday, has been stopping freight trucks from accessing more than 1000 stranded shipping containers carrying Christmas retail goods, Christmas decorations, fresh food and medicine.

International stevedore Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT) has previously won orders in the state’s Supreme Court for the maritime union to lift the illegal picket line.

However, the campaign has since been taken up by the wider union movement, which has continued manning the controversial blockade.

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