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Port of Seattle names Stephen P. Metruck as new executive director

From TTN:

The Port of Seattle recently announced the appointment of retired U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral Stephen P. Metruck as the port’s new executive director.

Metruck brings more than 30 years of maritime experience to the role. In the past, he has overseen as many as 3,600 military and civilian personnel and tackled a U.S. Coast Guard budget of $10 billion. He has worked extensively in the Puget Sound and managed unified disaster operations in the area.

“First and foremost, we sought a great public servant to lead our outstanding organization with transparency and strong values. Admiral Metruck brings an exemplary record of service and achievement to the Port of Seattle,” Commission Vice President Courtney Gregoire said. “We are thrilled to have his experience and leadership at a time of great growth and change. The Port is committed to expanding diversity and ensuring equality as we create new economic opportunities throughout the community.”

That diversity note is something that Metruck has managed before as well. As a member of the Coast Guard Academy Board of Trustees, his tenure coincided with increased diversity among incoming classes, and he was part of a task force to address sexual assault in the Coast Guard.

In his new role, Metruck will work to modernize and expand Sea-Tac International Airport, evolve Fishermen’s Terminal to support the North Pacific Fishing Fleet, manage the Port’s overall real estate assets and continue work on the Port’s cruise business.

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