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After protesting at ICTSI terminal, Australian unionist served legal papers at family home

From an article titled ‘Webb dock escalation met with escalation’ in Australasian Transport News:

Luke Hilakari

Luke Hilakari

In what looks like a serious escalation of the Webb Dock dispute that has halted container transport out of Victoria International ContainerTerminal (VICT), the Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) says secretary Luke Hilakari was served with legal documents.

Hilakari is said to have received relating to union actions at Webb Dock, at his family home on Saturday afternoon.

“This is the first time any Secretary of Trades Hall has ever been directly targeted in such a hostile manner,” the VTHC says.

“This is a severe and unprecedented escalation by VICT, who have attempted to intimidate not just Trades Hall but all Australian working people through this extreme action.”

The VTHC cast the action as intimidatory and questioned how Hilakari’s home address was found and why the papers were not served at his Trades Hall office.

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