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FMC’s Doyle to Exit Commission in January, 2018

Excerpts from Marine Link:

On Nov. 27, the Office of Commissioner William P. Doyle of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission issued the following:

“Last week, I notified The President of the United States Donald J. Trump of my intention to leave the Federal Maritime Commission effective January 3, 2017. It has been an honor and a privilege to continue serving in the Trump Administration. I thank President Barack Obama for nominating and appointing me twice as a Commissioner. I have learned so much in this position, and I thank you both for the opportunity to serve the Unites States of America.”

In the wake of the 2016 Hanjin Bankruptcy, Commissioner Doyle advocated for more financial safeguards in the industry. The collapse of Hanjin Shipping was a wake-up call for the entire ocean transportation chain. More than $14 Billion in cargo was stranded at sea and ships were scattered all over the globe at anchor or just outside territorial waters.

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