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Federal grant to help Port of Long Beach retrofit diesel-burning engines

From the Long Beach Post:

A $2.4 million federal grant awarded to the Port of Long Beach (POLB) will help the complex begin to decrease its pollution levels just weeks after the twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach approved its updated Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) that has goals of bringing it to zero emissions by 2035.

The grant comes from the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA) which was renewed in 2010, and through it, has provided funds nationally to help reduce diesel emissions. The $2.4 million awarded this week to the POLB will go toward retrofitting three gantry cranes to all-electric operations as well as retrofitting four tugboats with the “newest and cleanest” engines available, according to a release from the Port.

The port has previously received multiple grants from the DERA fund and since 2005 those awards have totaled over $14 million. That money has gone toward projects like installing emission-capturing devices and treatment systems on ocean-going vessels and replacing tractors that operate at the port.

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