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Cargo volumes surge at Southern California ports

Excerpts from Transport Topics:

The Port of Los Angeles, the largest in North America, reported a 2.2% year-over-year increase to 763,784 TEUs, the third-largest September in its history. For September, the Port of Los Angeles had 88 vessel visits with an average TEU count of 8,679, a record.

The Port of Long Beach, Calif., the second largest, shattered a record for the busiest September in its history. Stevedores processed 701,619 TEUs, a 28% surge from the same point in 2016.

At the Port of Virginia, No. 7 in North America, container volume rose 8.2% to 237,816 TEUs. Loaded import containers went up 9.5% to 109,716, but exports fell 6.2% to 76,794.

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