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Officials restrict passage on Columbia River due to wildfire, but impact should be slight

From the Columbian:

Wheat shipped to United Grain Corp., wood chips headed to the paper mill in Camas and other commodities are expected to arrive to their destinations, but the wildfires in the Columbia River Gorge may lead to some delays.

The U.S. Coast Guard on Tuesday enacted restrictions between the Bonneville Dam and Reed Island, near Washougal, to help barge traffic safely pass the 30,000-acre Eagle Creek Fire.

Barges carrying everything from grain, refined petroleum, gravel and rocks now stop on either side until Coast Guard officials say it is safe for them to move to their intended destination.

Tidewater Transportation and Terminals, based in Vancouver, and Shaver Transportation, of Portland, both said they had crews halted for only briefly. The delays have not led to any substantial impacts.

More at the Columbian


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